Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"How've You Bean?

Hi Everyone,
The last three days, Saturday thru Monday, were very hectic but enjoyable. I will not complain because I'm blessed to have been here to enjoy each moment.
Let's begin with Saturday.   I went cloth shopping (as if I needed more items in my closet).  It was just something to get out of the house to do  without being pushed or on a schedule for something else.  Everyone needs a "me time" day.  Don't you agree.  Well, I was so close to an AC Moore store (about 25 yards or less) but refused to go in because this day was not about scrapbooking. Oh how I could pinch myself to see if I was really alive (lol).
Sunday, was a day spent worshipping the LORD.  A lesson from 1 Corinthians 1:10-17 was taught in a Sunday School session dealing with "A Call to Unity". Every Christian individual regardless of race, color or creed need to come together.  We need to encourage one another not allowing disagreements to hinder our fellowship and distract us from the work that we are called to do for Christ.  Taking the theme of unity into crafting, the same can be applied regardless of color, texture, or medium. When gathering materials for a project, no matter what area you used, each piece of material need to come together in a cohesive manner to make the project complete.
Monday morning I gather the necessary material to make a card with the intention of completing it when I came back from getting a tooth extracted at the dentist office. The materials were still on the table when I came home and home I came with a mouth that was still filled with novocaine and a head that felt too big for my body. No card today!  I would have to wait until I could feel better to complete my task.  Remember, I said in crafting, each piece of material need to come together in a cohesive manner...well it can't do that without some human intervention and I wasn't able.
Today is Tuesday and those same materials that were gathered yesterday need to come together. Here are pictures that show how the items were put together to make this card, "How've You Bean?"

material cut down to size along with material for inside of card

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