Friday, August 15, 2014

Thoughts 2 Consider

Good Day to you.
This is the end of the work week for some and the beginning of the weekend break. Whatever your plans, just take a little time to enjoy and relax.

Here is a Card In The Box for you today.  I will be entering it on the Word Art Wednesday challenge page:
Here are a few more that I had previously made:
This last card is one that I made today.  It has the weekly scripture for this week's challenge...Colossi ans 1:27:

Thoughts to Consider:
  • People have opinions, but GOD knows the facts. We may can hide behind our words, but never behind our actions. GOD blesses a clean and pure heart!

  • Prayer must be sincere not self-centered. Use today to speak to GOD about HIS Agenda instead of yours.

  • You cannot take everyone with you on this journey. Everybody can't handle revelation or a "Mountain Top" experience. Remember, some folks are only for a season ~ Trust the Process
Thanks for taking a little time to view.

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