Monday, November 24, 2014

Pop Up Book Card Tutorial

Hello My Friends,
Happy Monday to you.  I hope you enjoyed your weekend.  Some of my peers in the teaching profession will only  have two and one-half day to work this week and will be looking forward to four days off.  Off for Thanksgiving, the big "eat" at grandma's house day.  Off on Friday, the let's go shopping to get some black Friday deals.  Off on Saturday and Sunday to do our usual.
Now, let's get to the tutorial for today.  I made a pop up book card in one of my post last week and fail to give it that name.  I used it as a Christmas card.  I want to take you step by step today so that you can make a pop up book card for whatever taste you want.
Let's gather our supplies: Cardstock, patterned paper, score board, paper cutter, distress ink, sentiments or stamp with sentiment:
I'm going to give you the measurements for two types of cards.
CARD #1 (4 1/4 X 5 1/2)  and CARD #2 (6 X 6).  Please take note and don't mix up your directions.

CARD #1  on the left                                                                              CARD #2 (right)


Cut patterned paper for CARD #1 at 8 1/2" by 5 3/8"
Cut patterned paper for CARD #2 at 5 7/8" by 12"

On patterned paper for CARD #1 measure down 1" from the top edge (long side) and cut from the 1" to 7 1/2 ". Do this also on the opposite side.
On patterned paper for CARD #2 measure down 1" from the top edge (long side) and cut from the 2" to 10". Do the same on the opposite side.

Place patterned paper upside down on scoreboard.  For Card #1. score on the 1" line, top and bottom at 2 3/4", 5 3/4", and 4 1/4".  On the middle section score at 1", 1 3/4", 4 1/4", 6 3/4", and 7 1/2".

For Card #2, score on the 1" line, top and bottom at 4", 6" and 10".  Score the middle section at 2",
 2 3/4", 6", 9 1/4" and 10".

For CARD #2 ( only), cut off a 1/16" strip from the left and right of patterned paper,
For both cards valley and mountain fold along score lines.  Use the photos to help.
Apply glue to the back of the  outside left and right panels of the patterned paper and adhere to plain cardstock. Open and close card to make sure folds are lined up correctly. Decorate the front (your choice).


Apply adhesive. Do this for CARD #1 and or CARD#2

What card will look like once adhered to cardstock for either card
These are my finished cards showing front and inside:


Saturday, November 22, 2014

More Tags

Hello My Friends,
Happy Saturday to you.  Get some rest. Relax! You deserve to kick your heels up and have some fun. Maybe you are thinking about that dinner you have to cook for Thursday or that trip you have to take to eat a dinner someone else prepared for you.  Don't stress.  Life is lived one day at a time.  Just enjoy the moments.
What if you were like me today, trying to get rid of paper clippings, cut-outs that you know you haven't and will not use, paper that you feel is out-of-date and just trying to get your crafting room in a position to let the creative juices flow?
For the last two days I have made tags just with some old paper and cut-outs that I didn't let end up in the trash bag.  I had some blank tags already cut out and I just added some distressed ink and started putting some things together.  This is the end results.  Hope you enjoy your view:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tag-ging Along

Hello My Friends
It is Thursday and one more day away from the weekend.  One week away from Thanksgiving the holiday.  For me, every day is a day of thanksgiving.  God has truly been good to me and every day He is blessing me.
For today, I continued to work on making tags.  I'm still learning a little more about mixed media and techniques to use not only for cards or tags but art in general.  Learning takes a while.  You just don't start one day and think or feel that you know it all.  Art as well as all aspect of life is a process. You grow as you go.
Here is my view for you today.  Enjoy:

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Christmas Cards

Hello My Friends,
Today is the day after my birthday.  Yesterday was filled with phone calls and well wishes for a "Happy Birthday".  It started with my oldest sister and ended with my 6 years old granddaughter.
God is good and His mercy endure forever.
Friends, I have completed my number of Christmas cards for this year 2014. These two for today will be extra in the case I missed someone.
While you are viewing this, please check out  I  post a card or two to that blog every week.  Check out their page and enjoy both their view and my view.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tags and Christmas Cards

Hello My Friends,
Today is a good day to be blessed.  I am another year older today (Happy Birthday to me)!
Health is good.  My family is doing okay.  The circle has not been broken.  It is just good to continue in the service of the LORD!
Continuing with the Christmas cards, I have made three more since Saturday.  I also made two tags.  I'm trying to learn how to do mix media with the distressing and tearing of paper along with other things.  I'm not where Tim Holtz  is but I'm learning.
Enjoy the view:

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday's Word

Hello My Friends,
Today's lesson from Ezekiel 47:1-12 talks about life needs water.
What if I told you that God possesses a body of water that He wants you to get into?  What if I told you that He wants you to get over your head in this body of water?  What if I told you that He wants you to give yourself over to the power of this river, to be swept away in its current; that He wants you to get into a place where you are helpless, and are at the mercy of the river?
How many could honestly say that you are exactly in the center of God's will and that you are right where God wants you to be in your spiritual growth?  Are you over your head in the things of the LORD? Are you up to your waist in the things of the LORD?  Are you knee deep in the things of the LORD? Are you ankle deep in the things of the LORD? Some of us are holding back on total commitment to the LORD today because we are afraid that if you fully sell out to Him that you will drown.  God will never let you down!  Some of God's saints have walked through some mighty deep waters over the centuries and God brought them all out.  What the LORD did for them, He will also do for you! When you have placed yourself at the mercy of the river, it's a whole lot harder to get back out again.  An ever deepening spiritual life is a hedge against failure.  Get in as deep as you can!

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Hello My Friends,
It is the weekend.  Are you off from work with a lot of great ideas running through your head?  What  are your plans and how much fun are you going to have?
Before I go out I would like to share with you some tags I made using some scraps.  They would look good on some gifts that I'll be giving during the Holidays.
Enjoy the view:

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Hello My Friends,
Have you ever gave serious thoughts to the fact that we are givers--- generously giving time, energy and resources to benefit individuals fortunate and less fortunate than we are.
During the month of November, especially when we get to Thanksgiving Day, it is a tradition to take time to reflect on and give thanks for the blessings of health, freedom, personal and financial security, family and friends.  In November, we also commemorate Veterans Day, which was yesterday on our calendars, to show our gratitude to our veterans for their service.  Did you also know that November is National Caregivers Month, a time to appreciate and thank those who take care of family members, often allowing them to remain at home rather than live in an institution.
Today, I made two cards in recognition of National Caregivers Month and two more Christmas cards for my list.  Take a little time to enjoy the view: