Friday, December 19, 2014

Glory To God in the Highest

Hello Friends and Followers,
Welcome, welcome, welcome the weekend.  Relax, refocus, no work next week just getting ready for  Christmas Day.
I don't have any serious plans for this weekend.  What about you?

Our lesson for this Sunday comes from Luke 2: 8-20.  Verses 8-14, The Angel of the Lord delivers a message.  Verses 15-18, The Shepherds spread the message.  Verses 19-20, Mary and the Shepherds respond.
In the second chapter of Luke, the first seven verses describe for us the birth of Jesus Christ, born to the virgin Mary.  Born in a little village of Bethlehem, no place for them in the inn so that basically they were having to lay the child in a feed trough in a stable.  The birth of Jesus Christ was anonymous at first.  Nobody really knew anything about this child, as far as people around were concerned.  It was just another young couple and another baby born.  No one at first really understood what was going on.
It didn't take long, however, because we come to the text of Luke 2:8, on the very same day that the Lord Jesus Christ was born and this is where all heaven breaks loose.  They can only be restrained for so long.  The birth of this child having been laid in the feed trough in anonymity at first and then this monumental announcement to the angels that even involves a whole heavenly host of angels praising God and affirming peace on earth toward men with whom God is pleased.  A Savior to save us from sin and guilt.  Everybody falls into this category. This is good news.  The good news of great joy is for all the people.  That is to say it's for everybody and anybody.

Here are the cards that represents this lesson:
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