Thursday, December 18, 2014

Too Funny!

Hello Friends and Followers,
Just when I thought all my Christmas card making was finish, I had to spend part of my day making more.  This is the story:
On Tuesday, my husband decided to do his list of people (family and friends) that he wanted to send cards to for this year.  So, I got out the stash of boxed Christmas cards that had been left over from previous years and placed them on the writing table for him.  When he went in to start his task the very first thing from his mouth was "where are the cards you made?"  Do you just want to see them or do you intend to use them, I asked?   Just put them on the table he responded. When I went into the room to check on his progress, he had pushed the boxed cards out of his way and was selecting the handmade cards that he wanted to use.  His response, which was very funny and appreciative was: "These are better than Hallmark" and I thought I would use these (my handmade cards).  Too Funny!

I started working on some replacements today.  Didn't get as many done as I had wanted to because of some other things I had to do.
Take a look:

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