Friday, January 9, 2015

A Prayer For Me and You

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Sunday School Lesson:  John 17:6-21
Jesus Prays For The Disciples (This includes his followers today as well as those with him).
Jesus had made known the Father’s Name to men that were out of the world; now disciples and He is praying for these disciples who were actually given to Jesus from the Father.  In the process, they kept and obeyed God’s Word. They have now come to know that everything given to Jesus was a gift from God, and He passed all things in which He had received along to these disciples. Because of this, the disciples know He is the Son of God; that Jesus received God’s Words; that He came from God, and was sent by God into the world (vv.6-8). 
Jesus is specific by praying for the disciples in which the Father had given Him, not for the world. Those that God gives are truly His and so they also belonged to the Son. Jesus is glorified in them. He knows that He will leave them behind as He leaves this world to go back to the Father, and He prays for their unity; their oneness. While Jesus was with them He was able to preserve, guard, and watch over them in God’s Name and none were lost, except Judas, the son of perdition, that the scripture might be fulfilled. He tells the Father that He is coming to Him after speaking to the disciples about many things. He wants them to be filled with His joy. The Word has been given to them and the world hated them because they were not of the world, just as Jesus was not. Jesus prayed not that they should be taken out of the world but that the Father would protect them from Satan’s power. They were not of the world, but were needed in the world. Jesus asked the Father to sanctify them through the truth which is the Word. Just as Jesus was sent into the world, He also sent the disciples into the world and for their sake they needed to be sanctified through the truth (vv.9-19). 

Jesus is not only praying for the disciples alone, but for future believers who will come to Jesus because of the disciples’ Word. Also, that they all be one, as the Father and Jesus are one; and that these disciples be one heart, and mind in the Father and Jesus. This would bring about the world believing that the Father sent Jesus (vv.20-21).  

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