Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"Tips and Techniques"

Good Day To You Friends, Followers and Viewers,
The weather channel keeps reporting ice, sleet, snow, and freezing rain for the east coast tomorrow morning.  I like the snow because I can still get around if it is one or two inches.  The ice, sleet, and freezing rain causes me to have problems.
 For all who have to venture out in  weather conditions like this, just be very careful. 
How many of you love a tip or technique to make things just a little more easier?   I really do, and only if it works.
Two weeks ago, Rannah from Cardmaking Haven posted a tip on “No Plug Glue Toppers”.  I watched the video that Laura Denison provided on YouTube but didn't jump on the idea right away:


 Last week on Scraps of Color, Lisa posted somewhat the same tip.  I went back to watch the video again and got the necessary supplies to see if this was something that I could use now and in the future:  (Click on photos for larger view).
  Yes, this really works.  You must watch the video and give it a try if you are struggling with clogged bottle tips.

How many crafters out there have struggle with those “intricate dies”, or thinlits,  trying to get the paper away from the die without tearing?  How about all those little paper chads left in the die and you have to use something like the “tool-n-one” to get them out?  Here is another tip/technique by Deb Valder, YouTube:

(Click on pictures for larger view).

There are no chads left on the thinlit die.

Again, no chads left on the die.

The dryer sheet really does work.  I did not have to use the "tool-n-one" to remove the chads.  Watch the video, go out and get you some unscented dryer sheets and stop picking chads out of you dies.

For your viewing pleasure today:
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