Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Embrace Your MOJO

Happy Tuesday Friends, Followers and Viewers,
Groundhog Day, Family Day, Abraham Lincoln's Birthday, Valentine's Day, National Flag of Canada Day, Presidents' Day, Mardi Gras , Ash Wednesday, Chinese New Year, George Washington's Birthday and Black History Month are all the days and probably some more that are talked about and celebrated during the month of February.  The month sounds very busy if you care to do something for all or some of these events.  This morning  has been a busy one for me.  I finished up the Embrace Your Art 365 challenges this morning so I could focus on some other things this week.  After posting yesterday, I started working on and finally completed cards for the MOJO Monday challenge after supper last night.  I usually wait for my daughter to make her evening call before I unwind for the day and she was a little late reaching me which gave me ample time to complete that task.
Here is my MOJO Monday #383 card for their challenge:

I used DCWV Stack 7 and DCWV The Timeless Type Stack paper to make this card.  It is not only for this challenge but is very appropriate for a male whose birthday is soon approaching.
Another card using the challenge diagram:
DCWV Safari Chic Stack and DCWV Heirloom Stack was used on this one.

You may also be interested in this one that I  did for fun:
Thanks for taking the time to show me some love today.  I'm sending it back to you.  Continue to follow,  tell someone else, they may join or just make a comment.  Love hearing from you.

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