Thursday, April 9, 2015

"Bloom Where You Are Planted"

Good Day Followers, Viewers and Friends,
We all can look on the calendar or look outside and see that it is spring.  Birds are singing.  Grass is turning greener.  The flowers are blooming.  Speaking of flowers, you know that they bloom where they are planted.  If you dig them up and plant them somewhere else, they still bloom where they are planted.  Why is it so many of us are not satisfied with where we are and what we are doing?  We fight against something trying to get somewhere else.  You can’t wait for everything to get better. We don’t like this or that.  If we take a message from the flowers, we should bloom where we are planted.  We can make a difference or help someone just where we are.  Don’t sit, stand or bend over waiting for everything to get better. Be the best that you can be right where you are.
My share for today, “Bloom Where You Are Planted”
Supplies: white cardstock; three pieces of pattern paper; two handmade Gerber daisies (used Spellbinders’ Create a Gerber Daisy die); Sentiment printed from computer; Sizzix embossing folder.
Thanks for visiting with me today.  You are a flower, so do me a big favor...whisper a prayer for my brother-in-law, Gerry who is in surgery at this very moment  for a kidney transplant. He has been on dialysis for the last fifteen years and we are praying that this transplant will work.  Thanking all of my blooming flowers right now!
Sending you a hug and LOVE,

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