Monday, April 27, 2015

"Unexpected Love"...Go and Do Likewise!

Happy Monday Followers, Friends and Viewers,
I hope you had a wonderful, fun-filled, enjoyable weekend.  Some of you may be back at work or some of you are still having a wonderful, fun-filled, enjoyable day off, making it a long weekend.
 Have you ever been in an environment where the speaker is getting ready to make a presentation.  He or she begins to speak about a person and tells some things the person has done or is doing (without mentioning their name).  You are sitting in the environment thinking about someone in the room who fits all of the characteristics but not really focusing on yourself .  After the speaker has finish, you finally hear..."and the person I'm talking about is (your name is finally mention)". What! Me! Oh No! Are You Kidding Me!  Here is the surprise of unexpected love! Then the tears start flowing.  You have to say something and get all emotional trying to get it out. You're thankful but you don't really want to endure the pressure in front of a crowd. Everybody is looking and listening to you.  The speaker is over and beyond joyful because they pulled one over on you. Okay, I guess you know by now that this is what happened to me over the weekend or I shall say Sunday during a Missionary Ministry Program at the church I attend. Surprised, shocked and emotional because I was the recipient of some unexpected love. Here is my gift followed by my card interpretation of the occasion:
Beautiful Peace Lily that I love and will share with my granddaughter

A Flip Card
Front of 1st Card....Love

Side view of front

Card opened: Sentiment reads  "The way to know LIFE is to LOVE many things...Vincent Van Gogh with LOVE tag

Flip Card #2
Front of Card

Side View of front

Card opened or flipped!

I'm grateful! I'm delighting in the little things! I think I'm getting my due!  But the message I received yesterday from Luke 10:25-37:  Go and do likewise!  I'm going out to give my DH some unexpected love (ha,ha,ha).
Sending you a hug and LOVE,


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