Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What Day Is Mother's Day?

Hello Friends, Followers and Viewers,
I was scrolling through Facebook and saw this question asked by an individual.  Someone replied  first by using profanity at the person asking the question and second by asking the person if they had a calendar for the month of May.  They listed the date and told the person to go check for themselves.  I thought about how I could use this question to give you my perspective today. I'm intelligent to know that it is a celebratory date each year on the second Sunday in May to honor mothers.  I believe the person who posed this question also knows this.  What I think is missing is the "idea" of waiting once a year to acknowledge your mother if you still have one living and has not died.  It is a sad thought if this is what some people do.  Your mother is living and breathing and you can only do something or say something nice once a year on the 2nd Sunday in May.  I honestly believe this was the thought behind the question.  If the person who wrote the question is thinking like I'm thinking...then, Mother's Day is everyday that you have someone to "thank" and "appreciate" while they are still living.  Just think for a moment of people who have not said or done anything for their mother since last May  and are waiting for this Sunday to offer an expression of appreciation.  Now, add to this the thought that your mother may die before Sunday gets here.  What are you going to do?  Beat yourself up and start wishing that you should have or could have done better. Please, if you have a mother still living, do this for yourself and your mother...let her know how much you love her today and everyday that she is here on this side with you.  Mother's Day is everyday for the one you still have with you.  I'm a mom and grandmother and I would be amiss if my children and granddaughter waited only until the 2nd Sunday in May to show me "thanks", "love", and "appreciation". You should now be able to tell "what day is Mother's Day". It's everyday that your mom is still alive.
My share today are Sympathy cards for someone who honored their mother more than on the 2nd Sunday in May.  She left them behind on this side of the world on Monday and will not be here on Sunday. They loved her not once a year but everyday.
Thinking Of You
Enabler's List; white and blue cardstock; Offray ribbon; Recollection flower; die cut vine; Martha Stewart embellishments;

Angels who journey from our world never leave our hearts
Enabler's List:  white and yellow cardstock; Recollection patterned paper;  die cut butterflies
This will be submitted to WORDARTWEDNESDAY for their weekly challenge
Don't forget...the question topic may sound silly to some people and you may get cursed out like the person on Facebook but when you think about the answer; Mother's Day is any day your mother or the person you refer to as mother is still living and breathing.
Go forth and be blessed.
Sending you a hug and LOVE,

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