Friday, May 8, 2015

You're In My Prayers

Hello Friends, Followers, and Viewers,
Wishing everyone a most glorious and happy weekend.  Some of us need your prayers due to issues that went on this week.  You may have lost a loved one or you may have found yourself in the hospital during this week.  You may not be feeling well and you're lonely.  So many things that calls for the need of prayer.  There is nothing more powerful than a faith-filled prayer...It has the grace to comfort the soul and the strength to move a mountain.  There are times in our lives when our hearts need encouragement, our faith needs nurtured, and our souls need the comfort of a friend in prayer.  I'm praying for you today and asking the LORD to reassure your heart of how much He cares about all you are going through.  God cares right down to the last detail.
Because of my busy schedule today the two cards I'm sharing are called clean and simple cards.  No extra frills.  The first one with the three flowers is really a prototype.  I used some paper flowers from way, way, down in my stash (I've been wanting to put them in the trash and out of the The second card with the butterfly is the left over piece of cardstock after I used a die cut. Voila!

Thanks for stopping in today.  Be blessed my friends, followers and viewers.  Come back again.
Sending you a hug and LOVE,
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