Monday, August 31, 2015

How Much Happiness Do You Really Want?

Hello Friends, Followers and Viewers,
I had a fun-filled weekend with "Sunshine".  She came again to visit with her own agenda but I surprised her with some things she didn't anticipate.
She loves to go to a place not far from us that has all kinds of animals ( it is really a nursery with a lot of farm animals on the property).   I had made arrangement for her to be in a class to make a "Fairy Garden" at the nursery.  At first she was a little hesitant because she didn't know what to expect but once she  started with the task and along with the instructor  giving her some suggestions, you should have seen the smile on her face.
 Her "Fairy Garden" turned out really beautiful and I forgot to download the picture off of her phone before she left and I also had forgotten to take my iPad with me to the class.
 This little girl beamed the entire weekend.  I suggested that we were going to have a girl's camp out Saturday night...just the two of us.   Camping out was fun for her but grandmother was not so happy that she didn't sleep in her own bed.
 "Sunshine" acted as if she had won the lottery with all the attention that was given to her.  With every move and task I did she wanted to be a part of it.  We even cooked breakfast together before she left.   This little girl was happy the entire weekend.  You could see it with her facial expression and body language.
 Her agenda was completely changed and she did things that were unexpected but really, really made her happy (that's how she explained it).  Her little bag of games were never opened...grandmother and grandfather had given her more happiness than she anticipated for this weekend.

She had so much "other" fun that we couldn't complete anything in the craft area for me to post for her.

This is the card I did to reflect on what happened this weekend:
Front View
Used white and black Recollection cardstock; pattern paper from My Mind's Eye and Recollection Bright and Basic paper pad; Love Is Kindness stamp colored with Distress Markers...abandoned coral and cracked pistachio; a piece of hemp cord.

side view

side view
How much happiness do you really want and who do you expect to get it from?
Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Friday, August 28, 2015

"Come Laugh With Me My Friend"

Happy, happy Friday!
Life is sweeter when shared with friends, followers and viewers.  Let me tell you of my story.

This is what happened:
I saw a post on Google + from a follower.  She had posted her card for MojoMonday ( a blog I usually visit each week especially on Monday to get the sketch).  I knew I had completed my card and was thinking... hum... Julie hasn't responded. Never checking to see if it was on this blog.  So, I went to the page and started scrolling down looking to see if my card was still posted...couldn't find it.  I started wondering what had happened to the card.  Did I make a mistake and didn't hit the submit button?  When I looked in my box of cards that I keep to give away...still couldn't find it.  Again I'm thinking...forget is Thursday and I usually post at least by Wednesday (again, not checking my blog to find the card).

 This morning after making a card for today, a package of  bling embellishments
fell over behind my printer...retrieving the package...I also found that card that should have been posted earlier this week...the next thought was...write something about "Not all forgetfulness can be attributed to Alzheimer's".  My friends, I couldn't stop laughing at myself for what had happened.  In order to post on MojoMonday, your card should also be posted on your own blog....I have no idea why I thought I had completed this task for this week.  I don't have Alzheimer.  I am aging and this can be attributed to a normal part of aging.  A lapse in memory but not memory loss.
  With all that went on for just one card I guess I'll post it before the deadline (hahaha).

I'm sharing the card I made for today as well as the one that I thought had already been posted.

Supplies used: white and blue Recollection paper for card base and mat
watercolor cardstock distressed with the following inks (mustard seed, tumbled glass and picked raspberry) stamped with small stamps from Stampendous Clear Stamps; and Jolee's Boutique embellishments;
Sentiment: life is SWEETER when shared with friends

Enabler's List: white, black , red and green Recollection paper cut for card base, two mats and a circle; pattern paper from Graphic 45; Jolee's Boutique sticker

It's good to have a good laugh at yourself and then share it with your friends.  Life is sweeter when shared with friends.  Have a blessed weekend everyone.  
Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Experimenting With A New Die

Hello Friends, Followers and Viewers,
It has been one of those mornings.    I've torn up more card bases today than usual.  Things like this happens.  I'm not sure  why my mojo is not working up to capacity today.  I want to put it on the community news concerning some church members.  Three of our church members were in the hospital.  One died last evening.  Sometimes things work on your subconscious without you even knowing it.  Anyway, I was planning on doing a card to submit for a challenge but just could not get it to the way I wanted it.  I have this new Spellbinders die called Glass Effects.  Instead of using it with Ken Oliver Color Burst, I decided to try it another way:
Enabler's List: white Recollection paper for base; black Recollection paper for die cut of Spellbinders Glass Effects; two pieces of pattern paper from Recollections Summer Garden; beige Recollection paper for die cut of Spellbinders Romantic Vines; and two Studio 112 layered flowers.
I placed pattern paper behind the die cut and used the Romantic Vine (Spellbinders) as a border between the two pieces of paper.  I placed two Studio112 layered flowers on top of the vine. 

Enabler's List: white and black Recollection paper; two pieces of pattern paper from Colorbok Signature Novelty; K&G bird embellishments; word was die cut using Sizzix Tim Holtz's Alterations Holiday Words; Script

I hope your day is going better than the one I am having.
Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Inspirational Wednesday

Hello Wednesday to my friends, followers and viewers.

Have you ever had a song that you've heard keep playing in your head?  You are multi-tasking and trying to do things but that song keeps popping up in your memory bank.  This is what I've been experiencing this morning.  It is an inspiration to me because it helped me to get this card together for today.  The song is one by William Becton..."Be Encouraged".  Here are some of the lyrics if you've never heard it:
 Be encouraged no matter what's going on,    He'll make it alright,  but you gotta stay strong.

I know right now it's impossible to see,  but God is gonna work it out if you just believe.
 Remember this one thing while you're going through,  if God delivered Daniel, He'll do the same for you.

 Hold on, trouble don't last always, these trials are just a test, just a test of your faith.  So stand strong and dry your weeping eyes, ‘cause joy comes in the morning,   and everything is gonna be alright.

 Be encouraged,  be encouraged,  but you gotta stay strong.

Because of this encouragement today and every day...I know God is good...God is faithful... God is loving.  He will sustain you.  He will not forsake you and He will comfort you.  Just Be Encouraged
Challenge #198 ATG
Enabler's List: beige and brown Recollection cardstock for base (4.25 x 5.50) and mat 1/8 " smaller than base; pattern paper from Recollections Steampunk Botanic (piece on top of mat, behind die cut and on top of bronze cardstock);  corner die cut from Spellbinders Our Daily Bread designs (custom design die template); Spellbinders Romantic Vines die; hand-made dahlia.  

 I know right now it's impossible to see,  but God is gonna work it out if you just believe. 
 Remember this one thing while you're going through,  if God delivered Daniel, He'll do the same for you.   Hold on, trouble don't last always, these trials are just a test, just a test of your faith.  So stand strong and dry your weeping eyes, ‘cause joy comes in the morning,   and everything is gonna be alright.
Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Getting My White In Before Labor Day

Happy Tuesday to my friends, followers and viewers.
The second work day of this week.  It was a little slow and much of a  drag yesterday trying to get back in the groove from a beautiful weekend.  Somewhere between yesterday and this morning or maybe that second cup of coffee we are moving a little bit faster than yesterday.

 Many conversations are centered around Labor Day Weekend.  How strange it is to get back to work after a summer break and you're thinking already about when  you will get the next three day weekend. You haven't worked a full week yet and you're missing the fact that you have to work all of next week.  Let's put a smile on our face and laugh at this one.

Labor Day, as I've told you before, is the end of wearing summer white in our part of the world until Memorial Day of next year .  It was something we grew up with and have continued the tradition since my childhood.  It doesn't work that way in all parts of the world.  However, I wanted to have some fun with my card making today.  Therefore, I made a card, then decided to titled my post as you can see: "Getting My White In Before Labor Day.

It may have happened before the TV show "Empire" but lately I've noticed a lot of "all white affairs".  Some for birthdays, engagements, cruise ship parties, family reunions, as well as the traditional weddings and anniversary parties.  The entire list of guest are required to dress in all white.  Most of the pictures that have been posted and/or I've seen are really pretty...There was one other thing that I noticed...some sparkle..from the diamonds to the glitter.  There was some sparkle somewhere.

Today's card incorporates the all white with some sparkle:

I've used white Recollection paper (cut at 4.25 x 5.50) and a piece of glitter foam in the paper line.  A piece of the white paper was die cut for a mat from the Spellbinders Romantic Rose die.   A Recollection white rose was placed in the corner and die cut holiday greens (whites) from Sizzix Tim Holtz's Alterations die were placed around the rose. The sentiment was computer generated and cut out using the Spellbinders circle die. Studio G white glitter glue was used on the greenery to give some of the tips some sparkle.  A little strip of  white ribbon lace was adhere to the bottom part of the mat.  Here you have another CAS card.  Very easy to make.

When you sparkle your light shines onto others.  And you never know whose day you might brighten. Besides… it’s contagious!  So don’t forget to sparkle whether you're wearing white or some other color.

Sending  you a hug and LOVE,

Monday, August 24, 2015

It's So Very Exciting!

Hello my wonderful friends, followers and viewers.
Excuse me but you're boring if you live a sad and disappointing life.  Your makeup is a long emotionless face. You don't laugh at jokes or participate in a general conversation.  Your demeanor makes everyone around you feel your depression.  You don't cherish every moment that could make you excited and happy.  How was your day, I asked?  "Hum, it is what it is," you respond.  Or, "It was okay".  Here is another reply, "I just don't see why everybody is so hyped".  Life is sweet.  You need to stop eating the bitterness along the way.

First, I'll share the card for today and then give you at least five things to help you get excited, okay!

An easy card today (CAS).  Supplies used: white, black and red cardstock; base is 4.25 x 5.5 and mats cut 1/8" shorter than the card; Sizzix Tim Holtz's Alteration Window & Window Box die used as well as Caged bird; a bead was used for the bird's eye and a clear word sticker for the sentiment. Viola! How exciting is this?  The bottom picture shows the inside of the card.

Five Things You Can Do To Generate Some Excitement Into Your Life:
  1. Travel to places you have always dreamed of going as well as famous places and sites all across the world.  (Don't have that  kind of money, then...Check out your local state, go see those places right in your own back door).
  2. Join a gym and enroll for a program that will help you keep fit and remain healthy. (Shake it off, shake it off...the pounds and whatever is making you so angry with everyone else).
  3. Get a full body massage and treatment in a spa to remove all the tension from your body and for relaxation  ( You may need someone else to just beat (I'm sorry, rub) your obnoxiousness away).
  4. Donate to various charities to help bring smiles to the less fortunate and thus help you become a better person in society. ( They don't want your ugliness...give a smile...get a smile).
  5. Renovate your house by occasionally painting different fun and bright colors and install more windows to let in more sunlight ensuring maximum lighting. (Sunshine does brighten up the day, the mood, the energy).
I'm excited and exciting and want you to be the same way.  Don't drain me with your negative attitude.  Get up, get moving toward excitement!
Sending you a hug and Love,

Friday, August 21, 2015

"Tickled Pink"

Hello Friends, Followers and Viewers,
We are  (YOU and I)  in a state of excitement and joy.  Why?  It's Friday.  The day we look forward to all week so we can relax and do something different from the daily routine on Saturday and Sunday. It is the end of summer vacation...or not.  It is almost fall...but not.  Some children are still out of school and some went back this week.  Parents have a sigh of relief or are tickled pink that the little ones are back learning something fantastic.

I'm "tickled pink"  today with the card I made for Embrace Your Art 365.  I couldn't use all pink or else the card would have looked monochromatic.  I used some other colors so you could distinguish each separate part.

There is no sentiment as of this printing because frankly my dear I don't have a clue as to what I want to call it at this moment.  It can be used for a birthday (woman, lady or girl), thinking of you, thanks, sympathy, etc.  The supplies that will enable you to make this card are: white Recollection cardstock cut at 4.25 x 5.5 for the base.  Another white piece was use with the die from Crafter's Companion ornate lattice for a topper that was placed over a patterned piece from pink and white striped Recollection paper. A solid pink sheet of paper was used to cut out two Spellbinders Lacy circles as well as a plain white sheet. Some multicolored paper from my "famous stash" was used to cut two poppies from the Spellbinders Poppy die.  The greenery and flower were also taken out of the "stash".  In the future I may add some bling embellishments here and there before sending it on to someone special.  I'm "tickled pink" at how this came together with its dolor and design.

Closer look at the top view

Closer look at the bottom view.

Get in a state of excitement and joy.  I believe there is something going on with you that can make you "tickled pink".
Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Goodies From My Stash"

Hello Friends, Followers and Viewers,
  I should have called this post #throwbackThursday#2 but I didn't.  I'm always thinking of topics when I'm not inspired by an e-mail or something else that I've read.  I wanted to use the following title, "What's In Your Stash" but when I googled it, the topic centered around drugs...prescription and non-prescription and had already been used by someone else.

 When I usually talk about my stash I'm referring to anything and everything in paper crafting, scrap-booking, crafting, etc.  It includes an array of items put aside from a previous project that is too large to throw away.  At various times I go into this stash to find things or come across something that I can use in a project.  Today's project is fully loaded with "goodies from my stash".  Just like drug addicts are addicted to drugs that make them feel good, I guess you could say I'm addicted to my crafting products.  Yes, I feel wonderful when I make a card and it looks nice (to me  if not anyone else).

Here is the card I made from what I picked out of my stash.  You will also see it at and

Birthday Wishes
Supplies: Everything literally came out of my "stash" box.  When I said I should have called this #throwbackThursday#2, it is because you may have seen this paper before from another project.  If the material is big enough to keep, then I will put it in the box or bag for something in the future. The paper came from Recollection Steampunk Botanica ( I went through my pads to see if I could find the original source); The ribbon came from We R Memory Designer Ribbon (I don't use ribbon that often on projects. My daughter had given me two boxes of this kind of ribbon and this is how I know what it was/is). The word scripts were the easiest of all to remember because when I got the dies about a month ago, I cut out each word to see what they would look like.  Since I didn't have a need for them at the time, they were put into the "stash" box.

The famous "stash" box.
 I try really hard to keep it down to this size.  In this box one will be able to find paper, flowers, ribbon, die cuts, butterflies, buttons, stickers, etc. It is at the point where purging should take place because one of the bags don't quite fit down in the box.

Do you have a stash box?  Maybe you keep money in yours or office supplies.  How about screws, nuts and bolts?  If you don't have a stash box, you may have a drawer or a cabinet that you keep your stash in.  I'm not in this alone.  Many of you are right up there at the top with me (smile).
 Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Do You Believe?

It is Wednesday, Wednesday my friends, followers and viewers.  The middle of the week is here as well as the middle of the month.  Two months before Halloween.  Three months before Thanksgiving.  Four months before Christmas.

 What do you believe?  What do you believe in?  Who do you believe in?  Do you believe in ghosts and goblins?  Do you believe that turkeys do gobble?  How about Santa Claus, his elves and the Tooth Fairy, you  believe they exist don't you?  How about what R Kelly sung about: "I believe I can fly.  I believe I can touch the sky.  I think about it every night and day.  Spread my wings and fly away".  Do you believe that most things are possible if you focus and work hard to make things happen in your life?  If you believe the best things in life are free - what are the best things?   You believe in death and taxes don't you?  Do people who believe in God believe in other things they've read about, but have never seen?   This is the last one...Do you even know why you believe all the things you have been taught to believe.

Here is the card that goes with my post today:

Supplies used: white, pink and gray Recollection cardstock. Card base cut at 4 1/4 inches by 5 1/2 inches with all the mats cut 1/8 inches smaller than the base and the mat before it.
Remember Monday's post where I told you to keep your eyes open for the remainder of "Sunshine's distressed paper.  Here it is used as the top mat layer.  On top of her water colored paper in which she used Ken Oliver's color burst powders (Ultramarine blue, Lemon yellow and Alizarin Crimson  with water in spritz bottles) is a die cut in pale blue of Sizzix thinlits mix media by Tim Holtz.  There are four Marvy die cut butterflies placed along various spots on the die cut.  The  word "believe" was die cut using Sizzix Holiday Words Script again from Tim Holtz.  The inside of the card supplies are: pink, gray and white paper with a Marvy butterfly on the corner.

Believe I made this card because I really did.  Accept (something) as true.

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Hello Followers, Viewers and  Friends,
 I'm posting to all of you but more specifically to my friends today. There is a difference between a true friend and an associate.

 Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people. Friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association. "A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself". Friends are the ones who are always there for you, whether the times are good or bad.   They never leave your side, even in the worst of circumstance. When you are sitting with a friend, you don’t feel the need to say words. He/she understands even when there is  silence. Still, many people fail to recognize the importance of friends in their life.

 I have to admit that some people are more of associates than friends.  They play the friendship role just to get close to you so you can be the one who is always on the end of  giving.  They don't serve as one of the biggest supports in your life. When you really need them they can come up with more excuses as to why they can't do something for you. They come into your life, expecting us to change for them. Have you ever heard them say, "if I were you", I'll do it this way?  We can't share our darkest secrets, without being worried of them being leaked.

This card is made for a true friend.
 It starts with a piece of cream Bazzill cardstock for the base (4.25 x 5.50)
Pattern paper from Recollections Steampunk Botanica was used for the mat (red) cut 1/8 inch smaller than the base.  Another piece (floral) from the same company was cut at 4.75 x 2.75 and matted with black Recollection cardstock.  The third piece (script) was cut at 2.50 x 2.50 and matted with black Recollection cardstock .
Three butterflies were cut using a Fiskar and Martha Stewart butterfly die and adhered to the piece.  Two strips of black Recollection cardstock were cut and placed at an angle behind the matting.
Check out where you will see my entry for this week's sketch challenge.


Are you a friend or an associate?
Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Artistry Adventure of a Seven Year Old

Happy Monday Friends, Followers, Viewers and My "Sunshine".  Let's begin the week with a happy smile on our faces.  Things can't be all that bad.  One good thing is that you are still alive and doing well along with all the aches and pains your body is experiencing.  It lets you know you are still on this side with the living.
My weekend was adventurous along with one seven year old that came to visit and to spend the night.  She had her own agenda and list of things she wanted to do.  My oldest daughter and I laugh about this on Friday.  She had asked if I had prepared my body for the intense physical that I would endure during the weekend.  Yes, I was ready, willing and able on Friday at noon.  Don't ask what happened  24 hours later.  My "Sunshine" always remind me that I need to exercise so I can keep up with her. Children will and can say the darn-est things.
One, just one of the things she wanted to do was "art".  She thinks I'm an art teacher with all the scrap booking and paper crafting material I have.  She remembered the Ken Oliver's color burst powder that she played with the last time she visited and wanted to play with them again.  We did and I must say I let her do her thing just to see what she would come up with.
With watercolor paper, and the color burst (this time I mixed a little powder with water and put it in separate spay bottles), she spritzed the 9" x 12" sheet the way she wanted it.  After it dried (in the sun), I cut it down to use on cards this week.  Here is the 1st one showing the outside and inside:

I used a white Recollection piece of cardstock for the 4.25 x 5.50 card base with a piece of DCWV Shimmer Matstack for the mat which was cut 1/8 inch less than the base.  I used the distressed water colored paper "Sunshine" made  to die cut an oval using Spellbinders Opulent Ovals and a 3 x 3 square. I also used DCWV Vintage Collector Rhinestone Swirls over and around the oval and square.  The final embellishments were flowers from my stash with die cut floral vines.  I have no idea as of this writing exactly what sentiment will be used on this card.


The second project that "Sunshine" worked on was a  T-shirt that she wanted to tie-dye.  She had done one at her camp but wanted to do one at our house.  I had a small T-shirt that I had purchased in Florida on one of my visit  that I gave to  her  to demonstrate her artistry ability.  It really looks a lot better  up close and personal than portrayed in this visual.  I told her she did a fantastic job and I would share all of her projects on my blog.  The other parts of her water colored paper will be featured this week.  Keep an eye open for them.

Thanks for visiting with me as I shared what a Seven Year Old can do when you allow them to be adventurous.  Please leave her some comments.
Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Friday, August 14, 2015

Back To School Greetings For "Sunshine's" Teacher

Happy Friday and Early Weekend to my friends, followers and viewers.
This is my "Sunshine's last official weekend before school next week.  Some of my friends who have children going to college will also experience this last weekend before the big move-in day next week.  I wish them all, the young ones as well as those entering college for the first time much happiness and educational prowess as you journey towards new beginnings.  A few of the children still have until the day after Labor Day before they enter the classroom.  Many teachers are gearing up and sprucing up those rooms and hallways to make sure you feel welcomed when you return.  Even the shopping malls and local strip malls are all posting back to school greetings for the students as well as the parents and others who want to get involved.

I would like to reverse this greeting and give it to the teacher(s).  Instead of you getting ready for my "Sunshine", I would like to send this card, greeting you to such a warm, lovable, curious little girl who is eager to learn.  I want you to love on her as much as her mom and grandmother (s) do.  She will make your heart melt with her sweet kindness and consideration. She doesn't like boredom so prepare to keep her actively learning something new at all times.  She is so ready for the second grade and I hope you are so ready for her.

Here is the card that will be sent to "Sunshine's" teacher next week:
 Paper: craft cardstock for the base and pattern paper from DCWV The Timeless Type Stack; Floral vines cut with Spellbinders dies and Prima flowers; a hint of cheese cloth hiding behind an oval cut out.  Sentiment was cut from Sizzix Thinlits word dies by Tim Holtz; hemp cord added to tag; faux rhinestones.
Below you will see another view captured in a brighter setting.

Greeting to you on this Friday.  I don't know your plans but just go forth and have an enjoyable, lovely and adventurous weekend.  
Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Hello to my friends, followers and viewers.
You've been on a social network site this morning and posted a picture from way back in the day.  You just felt like your family, friends and coworkers wanted to see what you look like when you were smaller and better looking than you are now.  I know you did because I've seen some already today as I usually do on Thursday.  You just can't help yourself can you?

Throwback Thursday is the name of a weekly social media posting trend and hashtag game that users participate in to share and look back fondly on some of their favorite memories -- hence the "throwback" theme. In this case, the "throwback" component of a post can pertain to basically anything that happened in the past.

On Thursdays, anyone can participate in the Throwback Thursday trend by posting content (usually a photo) on social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to remember a past event.
Photos can be from years ago or from just a few days ago. There aren't really any limitations, and even though it can be fun to participate, it really just gives people an excuse to post more.

Today, I'm sharing cards, #hugstoyou and #throwkindnessaroundlikeconfetti:  Cards that I have had but had not posted.  I really wanted you to see them.  They fit well with the title.  They were very easy and simple to make.  The first one was a picture that I colored using some water colored pencils that I had before purchasing the brushes.  What I did to "perk" the picture up...added some gesso to the stamens to make them look 3D.  Paper: white and pink Recollection cardstock with a corner punch on all four ends.    The second card was made by using some Recollection rhinestones behind some clear cardstock.  This was when I was learning how to do a  "shaker" card.  I didn't think it was done correctly so it was put in the stash box.  The paper used: white and mint green cardstock with a piece of pattern paper from out of my collection of paper (stash).

I really hope you enjoyed my throwback Thursday.
These two cards will end up in the charity box.
Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Choosing To Be Challenged

Great Wednesday to my friends, followers and viewers.  Coming to you today feeling wonderfully blessed. 

When I started the week I kept telling myself  that I would not do any of the sketch challenges that I usually do.  I would pull out paper and come up with something from my own thought.  How long did it last?  Just two days.

  I confess: I love a challenge!!!! To a fault, in fact. I can recall events in my life during which I made decisions and chose paths solely because they represented a challenge. Some were good and others were bad.  We often resist challenge, or at least the struggle that comes with it. But upon further reflection, I wonder if the stimulation within the call to action is what we craved all along.  I believe that when challenged, we show our true mettle because we are called then to rise up and meet the challenge.

Paper: Spectrum Noir Ultra Smooth Premium white cardstock,  Bazzill Swiss Dots, Bazzill purple cardstock and a pattern piece from  Recollection  and Colorbok Signature Novelty.  Embellishment: Prima flower
This morning I just couldn't resist.  Over at the sketch looked very simple and clean.  It didn't present itself with any difficulty.  I've been looking at it for two days and this morning self said...why not go for it.  I did.

Word Art Wednesday Challenge #196
Paper: Spectrum Noir premium white cardstock; Bazzill purple cardstock; Colorbok Signature Novelty
Embellishment: Martha Stewart butterfly  and Recollections Rhinestone Stickers has a sketch challenge that they post every Wednesday and since I had decided on participating at MojoMonday....why not this one also.

I just can't stop at these two challenges.  Since I've made two cards, I'm going to share the SC553 with as soon as they post for this week.

Have you ever noticed how boring life can get when you don’t feel challenged? I believe that challenges spur us to action and introspection. If you aren’t happy, you are more likely to seek change.

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Looking Shabby Chic Or A Jumbled Mess

Hello Friends, Followers and Viewers,
I've been searching for a concrete definition for "shabby chic card making" but cannot find one. I can find a lot of examples on how a shabby chic card should look but not a definition for one.  Not all of the cards I've seen follow the same look.  When it comes to furniture, shabby chic is a form of interior design where furniture and furnishings are either chosen for their appearance of age and signs of wear and tear or where new items are distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique. At the same time, a soft, opulent, yet cottage-style decor, often with an affected feel is emphasized to differentiate it from genuine period decor.  
The rise of shabby chic in the last few years, not only in card making but in all sorts of home crafts, has been great and only continues to grow. I think that it is so popular because it has a warm, handmade and homely feel to it and it is also very feminine. 
Take a look at my cards and tell me if you think they fall in the category of being "shabby chic" or cards with too much stuff on them (please be honest):
2 Corinthians 2:15
cardstock: white, purple and craft
pattern paper: DCWV
Die: Quickutz Antique Doily and Spellbinders Romantic Vines
Embellishment: Martha Stewart faux pearls and Offray ribbon
Technique: distressed edges

We Love
cardstock: white and craft
pattern paper:  DCWV Modern Meadows
Die: Quickutz Antique Doily and Spellbinders Romantic Vines
Punch: Martha Stewart branch
Embellishment: Prima Flowers and faux bling

Thanks for viewing with me today.
Am I showing Shabby Chic or a Jumbled Mess?

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Monday, August 10, 2015

"Cherish"...You Do Or You Don't

Good Monday to my friends, followers and viewers.  It is great to start another wonderful week with you.  We did go shopping but only managed to get the necessary food items that we needed.  When I slid into Michaels I pick up twelve sheets of patterned paper (on sale @ 4 sheets for $1)  and an universal overlay for my old Cricut Expression machine.
 Let me interest you today on the topic  "Cherish"...You Do Or You Don't.  Definition of cherish  : to feel or show great love for (someone or something)   : to remember or hold (an idea, belief, etc.) in a deeply felt way.
 I was going through my crafting "stuff" and saw a cute small tag  from K&Company Jubilee Tags & Note cards Die-Cut Cardstock. I thought it would be appropriate for what happened last week within our family.  Within three months, my cousins have had two sisters (with cancer) to die and be buried. One in April and the other one last week. They were both fairly young women in their forties.  Reflecting on the definition of "cherish", to hold dear; to feel or show love for; to take care of; to protect; to cling to the idea or feeling of…  this is what we shall do in the future.  We will remember the times we had with Verline and Christine, irreplaceable people , and cherish those memories forever.   Everyone has somebody in their lives that would benefit by being cherished.  There are people who take other people for granted. We are not here to stay forever.
 Here are at least three things you can do to show that you "cherish" the people in your life:  Spend time with your friends and family...Tell the people in your life how you feel about them...Don’t withdraw your love.
For all of my family members and friends who are still alive, and those who have gone away... I cherish you.  You are and were very special and I love you.

This is the card I made to go with the title today:

Supplies: white Recollection cardstock along with craft cardstock
Spellbinder die for mat and for flower (sorry, I don't have the names )

Who or what do you cherish?
Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Friday, August 7, 2015

You Are So Kind, Thank You

It is finally here again my friends, followers and viewers...Friday...the beginning of another weekend.  I have no major events planned this weekend.  I always love to shop (my DH would say this is not a major event).  I may make a purchase for myself or  just walk through the store to look at the different merchandise and get ideas .  Window shopping is always good for me  because I don't have to spend any money. This is a tax free shopping weekend and I know I will purchase some school supplies to donate to my "Sunshine's school.    She has one week left on her vacation calendar .
 I'm sharing two card today. had a sketch for this week and I started making one card for the sketch challenge and with some extra time I ended up with another one for my charity box.
You are so kind...thank you
Bazzill brown cardstock for 4.25 x 5.5 card base; white Recollection cardstock for mat cut 1/8" less than card base;  pattern paper from Kaisercraft Base Coat Collection and scraps; Prima flower;  This was a very simple sketch and card to make and I think this is why I wanted to make another one.

Good Time
*have you had one of these lately*
craft cardstock for the base with a sheet of K & Company cardstock for the mat; pattern paper from Kaisercraft Base Coat Collection and DCWV Timeless Stack.

Thank you for being so kind in viewing and commenting on this blog.  I can always go back to the good time you shared with me.
Sending  you a hug and LOVE,

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

"Snap, Sparkle and Shine"

Hello Viewers, Friends and Followers,
Do you know what day it is?  Of course you do...hump day...Wednesday...middle of the week.
Have you had your selfie today?  Did someone else take a picture of you and add glitter to make you shine ?   Snap, snap, snap goes the camera whenever you are doing something that you want to share or have seen something that makes you do a double take...I have to take a picture of this to send to ZZZ because they will not believe me.  From the camera to everywhere possible on social media.  From the camera to a scrapbook layout with a little glitter added for that extra sparkle and shine to capture those moments that will live on forever in  someone's fond memories of that special event.
Today, I did the snap, sparkle and shine with two cards:
Quote by Walt Whitman
Enabler's List: Spectrum Noir white cardstock for the base and beige Recollection cardstock for the mat which was embossed using a Cuttlebug folder; a Martha Stewart punch was used on a piece of DCWV shimmer mat stack and attached to the left side of the card with gold Offray ribbon; Spellbinders A2 Valiant Honor die was used on a piece of DCWV gold foil paper: Sentiment was computer generated and placed on top of the die cut; Sizzix Tim Holtz's Holiday Green die was used to cut out gold and brown greenery to enhance the Kaisercraft paper blooms .

Follow Your Heart
This card was just done with scraps for fun.

Thank you so much for viewing.
Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Do You Want To Stay Curious, Stay Nosy or Call It Something Else?

Good Tuesday morning or afternoon to you depending on where you are when you read this.  Peace and blessing to my friends, followers and viewers.  It is always a good day to have a good day. Has anyone called you a curious person lately?  How about being called a nosy (nosey) person?  Or in some cases you may have been called a social butterfly if you have to have your social networking going on all day long?  You want to know what your co-worker, family member or someone from your past is doing or has done.    In order for you to know exactly where you fit in, let's take a look at an explanation:  being nosey is wanting to know something that you need not/ should not know. it doesn't increase your (useful) knowledge... being curious is wanting to know things that you need/ should know... it adds to your (useful) knowledge.  Nosey typically has negative connotation; wanting to know something for your own purposes while curious might mean wanting knowledge on a situation for self -information, but not using that information for malicious reasons.  Social networking is design to stay connected with family and friends.  It has become a positive and negative device for many.  Therefore, this is where the question comes in.  Are you staying curious or staying nosy or are you calling it something else?
Each week I join in and follow the sketch challenge at
 Mojo Monday
  Here are two cards  with the same sketch design but only one of them being submitted to the challenge:
Stay Curious
Enabler's List: white Recollection cardstock for 4.25 x 5.5 card base; red Recollection cardstock for 1st mat cut 1/8 " smaller than card-base; pattern paper from DCWV Stack 7;  circle, star and banner cut from pieces of cardstock from stash; sentiment computer generated (idea from Pinterest)

Thinking of You
Enabler's List: black Recollection cardstock cut at 4.25 x 5.5 for base; white Recollection cardstock cut 1/8 " less than base and used as mat; pattern paper from DCWV The All Dressed Up mat stack; circle, star and banner cut from cardstock  stash; sentiment is computer generated

My lovely friends choose this day which way you want to be curious or nosy.
Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Monday, August 3, 2015

"You Can't Hurry God"

Hello Friends, Family and Viewers,
Great weekend.  Read and heard some sad news but God is still in the blessing business.  Did you miss your blessing this weekend or today?  Did you forget to thank God for the position that you are in right now?  You may be there for a grow, to learn a lesson, or to stop and focus on the Creator instead of the worldly things around you.  We try sometimes to hurry God in doing things for us.  Sometimes we almost sound like we are demanding God to do something for us while we sit and wait.  Yes, we are to wait on the LORD but in our waiting there are some things you can be doing in a positive way.    Psalm 46:10 says to us: Be still and know that I am God.  You need to trust God and give him matter how long it takes.  Be patient!  It may be three years from now or three days...but, God is an on time God....his time not yours:
Psalm 46:10
Enabler's List: white Recollection cardstock for 4.24 by 5.5 card base; red Recollection cardstock for background to Marianne Creatables LR0202 die cut which was cut twice in a rotating position; Recollection floral embellishments with Spellbinders flourish leaves die cut; faux pearls.

Thanks for viewing with me today.  Please come again and leave a comment.  I love hearing from you.

Sending you a hug and LOVE,