Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Goodies From My Stash"

Hello Friends, Followers and Viewers,
  I should have called this post #throwbackThursday#2 but I didn't.  I'm always thinking of topics when I'm not inspired by an e-mail or something else that I've read.  I wanted to use the following title, "What's In Your Stash" but when I googled it, the topic centered around drugs...prescription and non-prescription and had already been used by someone else.

 When I usually talk about my stash I'm referring to anything and everything in paper crafting, scrap-booking, crafting, etc.  It includes an array of items put aside from a previous project that is too large to throw away.  At various times I go into this stash to find things or come across something that I can use in a project.  Today's project is fully loaded with "goodies from my stash".  Just like drug addicts are addicted to drugs that make them feel good, I guess you could say I'm addicted to my crafting products.  Yes, I feel wonderful when I make a card and it looks nice (to me  if not anyone else).

Here is the card I made from what I picked out of my stash.  You will also see it at and

Birthday Wishes
Supplies: Everything literally came out of my "stash" box.  When I said I should have called this #throwbackThursday#2, it is because you may have seen this paper before from another project.  If the material is big enough to keep, then I will put it in the box or bag for something in the future. The paper came from Recollection Steampunk Botanica ( I went through my pads to see if I could find the original source); The ribbon came from We R Memory Designer Ribbon (I don't use ribbon that often on projects. My daughter had given me two boxes of this kind of ribbon and this is how I know what it was/is). The word scripts were the easiest of all to remember because when I got the dies about a month ago, I cut out each word to see what they would look like.  Since I didn't have a need for them at the time, they were put into the "stash" box.

The famous "stash" box.
 I try really hard to keep it down to this size.  In this box one will be able to find paper, flowers, ribbon, die cuts, butterflies, buttons, stickers, etc. It is at the point where purging should take place because one of the bags don't quite fit down in the box.

Do you have a stash box?  Maybe you keep money in yours or office supplies.  How about screws, nuts and bolts?  If you don't have a stash box, you may have a drawer or a cabinet that you keep your stash in.  I'm not in this alone.  Many of you are right up there at the top with me (smile).
 Sending you a hug and LOVE,

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