Monday, August 24, 2015

It's So Very Exciting!

Hello my wonderful friends, followers and viewers.
Excuse me but you're boring if you live a sad and disappointing life.  Your makeup is a long emotionless face. You don't laugh at jokes or participate in a general conversation.  Your demeanor makes everyone around you feel your depression.  You don't cherish every moment that could make you excited and happy.  How was your day, I asked?  "Hum, it is what it is," you respond.  Or, "It was okay".  Here is another reply, "I just don't see why everybody is so hyped".  Life is sweet.  You need to stop eating the bitterness along the way.

First, I'll share the card for today and then give you at least five things to help you get excited, okay!

An easy card today (CAS).  Supplies used: white, black and red cardstock; base is 4.25 x 5.5 and mats cut 1/8" shorter than the card; Sizzix Tim Holtz's Alteration Window & Window Box die used as well as Caged bird; a bead was used for the bird's eye and a clear word sticker for the sentiment. Viola! How exciting is this?  The bottom picture shows the inside of the card.

Five Things You Can Do To Generate Some Excitement Into Your Life:
  1. Travel to places you have always dreamed of going as well as famous places and sites all across the world.  (Don't have that  kind of money, then...Check out your local state, go see those places right in your own back door).
  2. Join a gym and enroll for a program that will help you keep fit and remain healthy. (Shake it off, shake it off...the pounds and whatever is making you so angry with everyone else).
  3. Get a full body massage and treatment in a spa to remove all the tension from your body and for relaxation  ( You may need someone else to just beat (I'm sorry, rub) your obnoxiousness away).
  4. Donate to various charities to help bring smiles to the less fortunate and thus help you become a better person in society. ( They don't want your ugliness...give a smile...get a smile).
  5. Renovate your house by occasionally painting different fun and bright colors and install more windows to let in more sunlight ensuring maximum lighting. (Sunshine does brighten up the day, the mood, the energy).
I'm excited and exciting and want you to be the same way.  Don't drain me with your negative attitude.  Get up, get moving toward excitement!
Sending you a hug and Love,
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