Monday, December 21, 2015

"Praying You're Not Home Alone This Holiday"

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Last week I posted about where all of our stories start...Home.  How we reminiscence about what we did at home during the holidays. That was last week.
 Today, just a thought about those who are at home but at home alone for the holidays.  No family will come to visit.  No family to call.  You're not close to your neighbors or you don't have neighbors who live close by. You are alone.
Sad, because family have pushed you aside and don't want to have anything to do with you.
Sad, because you didn't come from a large family to start with and everyone has died out.
Sad, because you're in a nursing home or other facility and family members are not coming to say hello, Merry Christmas or how are you doing.

Inspired to create a card for the Outlawz;  We had to use a  holiday movie. This is my entry:

I used  (red, black, white cardstock).  
I had a picture of a house...(not the one in the movie). 
I added a piece of black and white for the curtain. 
 Foam dots were used behind the window (Tim Holtz window die).  
My sentiment represents my feelings...  I'm praying no one, especially your love ones will not be in this situation during the Holiday.  No one that you love should be "home alone". 
 In the movie the boy was left  behind and thieves came in to rob the house.  Yes, the movie was a little comical but in real life being left alone and robbed at this time of year is no laughing matter.  Being left alone and not having no one to come by to check on you is no laughing matter.
Most people will see Grandma on Thanksgiving but she is all by herself on Christmas...please don't let it happen.   You may think that there are other people around but it is not the same  when you're not with family.  
I don't want to be "HOME  ALONE" during the holiday.  Do you?

The LilArtsyWoman will be closed until 2016.  If it is the LORD's will I'll see you in January. 
 Thank you for your continued  support in 2015 and as always;

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

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