Friday, January 15, 2016

"Spin Off Challenge From Card Shapes"

TGIF Friends, Followers, Visitors and Viewers.
Welcome to Friday everyone.   We made it, didn't we?  We are thankful for whatever situation we are in or came through this could have been worst.

Yesterday, after posting three cards that I called fancy fold cards, I received a lot of responses as well as two challenges.  Fancy fold cards takes time.  They are not done as the traditional A2 cards are done, with one fold.  You have to concentrate a little more,  measure twice before cutting and have some patience with what you are doing.  If you're watching a video and someone leaves out a step or fast forward the information, you may find yourself at a lost or you keep trying until you get it correct.

Two ladies, and they know who they are, gave me a challenge yesterday.  One of the cards I did was fairly easy to duplicate because I had just made it the night before.  The only thing that was difficult  was to think about how to decorate it.  Going through some things I had on hand  gave me somewhat of an idea on how I would go about completing that challenge.

The next challenge was to make the gatefold shutter card.  I had made a gatefold card and presented it on this blog yesterday but had never heard or seen a gatefold shutter card before.  So I went back and watched the video and carefully wrote down the steps so I could perform that challenge.

Here are the cards, "Spin Off Challenge From Card Shapes" posted on Thursday:

The first one may look like the one I posted yesterday and you would be correct.  The only thing that changed was the decoration and the color of paper and cardstock that I used.  This lady wanted to see a window because she thought the card from yesterday reminded her of a room.  Take a look at what I came up with:

Sentiment: Family Stories Make The Most Valuable Heirlooms

The card below is the Gatefold Shutter Card.  You will be able to get more information here:
 After you watch the video, you will understand better why I posted my card this way (I tried to do my own video but something went wrong in getting it to play). 

Card closed with belly band (you really don't need one)

belly band removed and you only see a black circle

As the card can tell why it is called a "shutter card"

card is fully open to reveal the message
Sentiment: BELIEVE
Thanks for the challenge lovely ladies. 

 It was fun to do.

Have a nice enjoyable weekend.

Sending you a hug and LOVE,
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