Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"Special Delivery"

Hello Friends, Followers, Visitors, and Viewers.
Here's the question for this afternoon, almost evening where I live.  Were you excited about receiving that special delivery?
First of all, I think you may be thinking about babies when you saw "special delivery".  Am I correct so far?  You just couldn't wait until that due date was here.  These young ladies today are already told through ultrasounds and 3D imaging what sex their child will be.  I, on the other hand was never privy to this kind of information.  My husband and I had to literally wait until the due date to find out what we were having or had.

 Secondly, what if your mind focused on another kind of delivery....like the mail.  You received an e-mail with a gift that you can download and use as you wish (digi).  Yes, that was so exciting for me.  This has happened to me twice...last week and yesterday.
  Or, what if you receive a package in the mail and you didn't order anything...could we say that is a special delivery?  Yes we can according to two people that I sent packages to.  I've talked with both of the ladies and they were just joyful, happy and couldn't stop talking about what they received....this is where the title came from for today.  They referred to their surprised as a special delivery...no, I didn't send them children but I did send them something that they did not expect.

The card you are about to see started off one way and ended up another way. At the end of the day (yesterday) someone I know did receive her special delivery ( a little girl), therefore, the stork image was added so I could send the card out to her.
With the response from my two ladies and the delivery of a little girl to her mother and father, it seems as if this card was suppose to turn out this way.
  • Neenah white cardstock for the A2 base
  •  pink cardstock cut 1/8 inch less for the first mat. pink designer cardstock from Recollection Regent Street was used with Spellbinders A2 Tranquil Moments for the next mat
  •  still using the white cardstock and Spellbinders Opulent Ovals die, I cut out the largest oval for the next  focal mat;
  •   Tim Holtz Alterations Holiday Greens and another piece of white cardstock was used as the background for the Martha Stewart floral stickers;
  •  pieces of the Romantic vine cut in pink and off white were used around the flowers.

Your special delivery...was it a surprised or did you know it was coming?

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

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