Friday, June 10, 2016

"How About A Quickie?"

Hello Friends, Followers, Visitors, and Viewers.
I'm ready, what about you?  
Get your head out of the sand my friends, I'm referring to the weekend.  I know you looked at that title and went "hummmmm"....didn't you?  Not's Friday.  What I had in mind is my share for today.  Most of the time, I make preparation and have an idea as to how I want to create something.  If it is something I've never tried before, I'll practice and if the practice piece looks okay, then that is what you see.  However, on some days (like today)...I want to share something but I'm clueless and  I start looking at things that are already cut out to see if they can go together by color, similarity or the ease of the project.  That is where my interpretation of a "quickie", (quick·ie      /ˈkwikē/      a thing done or made quickly or hastily, in particular)  especially on a day like today came in.  I wanted to share, but it would have to be done quick because of something else I need to get done:

These are all things that I have in a bin that I call my stash.  They are things that have been cut out but were never used or things I cut out for a project and they didn't work that well for that particular project.  The only things that were not in this stash were the flowers used.  On the top card, I've used a flower from a Recollection pack.  On the bottom card, I've used a Sandy Lion Essential sticker flower.  The base is the traditional 4.25  x 5.5 inch with mats cut 1/8 inch less than the base.  The first card has a piece from my stash that came from Colorbok Signature Greetings paper pad.  The second card's focal is the embossing folders that were used.

Weekends are made to relax, have fun and do some things you couldn't do during the week because of your job.  
 This is the last day of school for this year...hello summer vacation and camp for the kids.

Be good to yourself.  Enjoy your view wherever you go this weekend and thanks for viewing here today.
Please come again!!!

Sending you a hug and LOVE, 

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