Friday, July 1, 2016

"Another New Idea"

It's Friday my friends, followers, visitors and viewers.  Happy Friday to you!  Happy beginning to your long weekend or holiday vacation.  Beaches, fishing, touring, site seeing...which one is your favorite?
I'm preparing for my weekend, so I'm going to be quick with this post...
I tried something new (at least for me).  Someone else out in the crafting world probably has done the same thing, but for me it was by experimenting...I didn't use the traditional water color paper...I pulled out some photo semi-gloss paper and decided to see what distress inks would look like on it.  I took out a piece of acetate and pressed as many colors of the distress inks on top of it...spritz it with water and press the semi-gloss paper on top of the inks.  What did I do with the piece I made?  Part of it was used behind a cut out on the card and the remainder of it was used to cut out some butterflies.  I hope you enjoy this view:

Enjoy your weekend and holiday on Monday.

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

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