Thursday, August 18, 2016

"Two Cards Using The Positive and Negative Die Image"

Hello Friends, Followers, Visitors and Viewers on this beautiful Thursday.
Happy end of the work week for those who work only four days a week.  Yes, there are some who have a three day long weekend.  While you may go to work and do your "eight" hours, there are some who go to work and put in "ten- twelve" hours so that Thursday will be like your Friday.  I know you have thought why I always give congrats to these people on a Thursday and that is the reason behind it.   I know quite a lot of people around in my area that work just four days a week.
You see, I've always wanted to work from home and go into the office on days that I felt like having some communication and "up close and personal time" with other people....unfortunately, I couldn't do that by being a teacher...I had to go in to see those smiling faces in that lovely place every day.
In every situation there is always a "negative" side and a "positive" side.  Even if you work four days a week some look at the number of hours you have to put in each day as a "negative" while you are looking at it as a "positive".  You are at work so why not stay two or more hours longer so that your weekend can be longer.
Let's look at my cards for today.  I have made two cards.  One card has the die cut on it in the "positive" way, while the other one is simply made from the "negative" cut of the die:
The die in question is Spellbinders ferns.  
You have seen this in probably the last couple of cards I have made.  Each time I cut out the ferns from cardstock, I noticed the intricate pattern it was leaving behind.  I decided to use a sheet of Ranger watercolor paper that I had previously  colored with watercolor inks to cut ferns from it.  I didn't use any particular pattern while cutting.  I was more focused on the ferns for the card I was making.  However, after cutting out the ferns, the details left behind sparked the making of another card. 

I like the idea of getting two cards from the use of one die.
When I decide to do this again with this same die, I will focus more on the placement of the die to get a cohesive pattern.  I didn't want to throw the paper away, so, I made this second card.

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