Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"Can You Spot The Mistakes"

Hello friends, followers, visitors and viewers on this glorious Tuesday, June 13, 2017.
What's on your agenda for today? 
Let's skip the cleaning and go to the mall to get in our daily steps as well as do a little shopping for the "man" or "men" in our lives.  Wouldn't that be fun?  Just you and me. 
Maybe another day...I'll keep you informed.

There are times when we "think" we've done the best we can while crafting.  It could be re-purposing an item, making a wall décor, painting an old table, or just making a greeting card.  Just when you've finished (or so you think), you see the mistake(s)  but don't want to throw the item away.  If it is paper, you may say..."I have nothing to lose, it's just paper". 
Wait!  You've spent some time coloring, stamping and coordinating paper for your layers. You've even photographed the so called "finished" results and then that's when you see the mistakes.  You begin to wonder if you post it, will the advanced crafters notice your mistakes also?

Today, I'm going to post these two cards (mistakes and all) for you to see.  I'm not sitting around moping.  I'm having my good laugh and moving forward.  I want you to notice the specific sentiment I placed on both cards...this is how I'm feeling and I wanted to express it even with the noticeable mistakes.
  • I did the first card using Sakura Koi water colors and a stamp from Penny Black "petal power".  Everything looked okay until I photographed the card.  It's amazing how my iPad shows every little  imperfection. 
  • The second card:  This time I used versa mark ink, white embossing powder, distress inks and colored markers for this card.  Two stamp sets were used: Heidi Swapp and Molly & Rex.  Once again, mistakes started happening.  I continued because by now, I've decided to post about the mistakes instead of trashing both cards.
1st Card
It will still be entered at http://www.wordartwednesday.blogspot.com

2nd Card
 While I still had Molly & Rex stamp set on my desk, I used the sentiment "Good Things Are Going To Happen".  This is my belief.  You have to go through something bad to enjoy the good.  We're not promised exceptional days where everything is perfect...mistakes happen for a reason.

Stamp Set used
Heidi Swapp
Molly & Rex
Penny Black
Do you make mistakes? 
Do you admit it when you've made a mistake? 
Have you learned anything from your mistakes? 
Bad things are going to happen but  good things are also on the horizon.

Thanks for viewing and before I forget, could you (the experts) find the mistakes in both of these cards?
Leave me your comments, you may have seen more than I did.

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

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