Monday, July 31, 2017

"Your 50th...."

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Back on the grind today after a weekend of fun.   In our area it was rain, rain and more rain on Saturday.  We still ventured out and enjoyed the day.

When you think of the number #50, what comes to your mind?  Most often it is a birthday or a wedding anniversary.   At this moment I can't think of any think else, what about you?

If you're celebrating #50 for a birthday or anniversary, think about it for a moment.  You have either lived or stayed with someone for a half of a century.   You are probably considered a senior citizen in both cases.  You may or may not be retired.  Life may or may not be "grand" at this milestone.  But if you're here on July 31, 2017, CELEBRATE.  It took a long time to get to #50 in age or in marriage.  If you're made it this long, you can continue to make it.
My DH and I are over #50 but we still have some time to go before celebrating #50 in marriage.  Life experiences will either teach you or break you.  We're not broken so that means we are still in the learning process.

Here is a card I made which will go in the box for soldiers.  I simply put #50 on it and did not specify birthday or anniversary.  The cardstock I used which came from Michaels uses this statement, "Love you to the stars and back".  I feel that this would be appropriate for a birthday or anniversary.
entry for
I turned the card at different angles so you could see the sparkle and shine coming from the flowers and the sentiment.
  • cardstock is from Michaels and the piece with 50th is from Craft Smith "metallic foil paper pad
  • 50th was cut with Sizzix Alphanumeric, script die
  • embellishment is a piece of Offray organza ribbon
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