Saturday, November 22, 2014

More Tags

Hello My Friends,
Happy Saturday to you.  Get some rest. Relax! You deserve to kick your heels up and have some fun. Maybe you are thinking about that dinner you have to cook for Thursday or that trip you have to take to eat a dinner someone else prepared for you.  Don't stress.  Life is lived one day at a time.  Just enjoy the moments.
What if you were like me today, trying to get rid of paper clippings, cut-outs that you know you haven't and will not use, paper that you feel is out-of-date and just trying to get your crafting room in a position to let the creative juices flow?
For the last two days I have made tags just with some old paper and cut-outs that I didn't let end up in the trash bag.  I had some blank tags already cut out and I just added some distressed ink and started putting some things together.  This is the end results.  Hope you enjoy your view:

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