Wednesday, April 8, 2020

"Wednesday's Share"

Happy Wednesday, April 8, 2020 everyone.
I hope you're staying safe and secure.  If you're thinking along the lines of "let's deal with this and stop making comments every ten minutes, then, we will remain positive and be okay.
Is there any positive, uplifting topics we can discuss other than this pandemic?  I'm crafting, cooking, cleaning and reading.  By the time I get done with these things, my day is over.  I don't have time to dwell on this worldly virus.  I'm thankful that so far we are not experiencing any symptoms.  We are staying at home and being protected (face mask and gloves) when we have to go out.  My DH is even wearing his protective gear while working out in the yard. 
Here are my card craft shares for today:
 This card was done on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 and posted to my Instagram account.  I added some pearlescent chalk on a piece of white cardstock before stamping and coloring the image.  A piece of lace was added to enhance the checkered cardstock. I thought the checkered cardstock would make a good background for the "farm fresh" jar.
 Using items that I always neglect to use...stamps...I pulled out a stamp set that came on the back of a magazine (Craft Beautiful)s to design the focal images for this card.  I used Metallic color pens to color each image.  The addition of Nuvo (gold) drops highlighted the flowers and faux pearls were added to the other images.
This will be my entry for

It's Wednesday and I always look forward to the sketch provided by
Today's SC796 sketch was a little daunting.  As simple as circles are to cut out, I still struggle with should I put something in them or leave them blank.  I wanted them to be cohesive.
I previously played around with Distress Oxide inks so I cut circles from three different pieces of watercolor paper.  I added  wooden branches and flowers from Kaisercraft wooden flourish pack.  They were colored with the metallic pens.  The sentiment was taken from a Cosmo Cricket tiny text pad.  For added dimension, white faux pearls were added in the middle of each flower.

Thanks for viewing and previously commenting on my projects.  Your support is awesome.

Sending you a hug and love,

Monday, April 6, 2020

"Cards For Kindness"

Good Monday, April 6, 2020 to all the beautiful people.
I pray that you are well and safe.  Yes, we are all in this pandemic together but we still need to check on one another to make sure everything is okay. 
So many acts of kindness is going on in spite of what our world is experiencing.  People are making face mask.  People are donating money to keep the food banks up and running.  People are using crafting to make cards for kindness.  People are donating lunches to the nurses, doctors and other "essential" personnel that are doing an extra ordinary job in their field of work.  They are on the front line to keep us safe and secure.
With so much craft supplies in my home, I'm joining the task of making "cards for kindness".  This is a call from
Please join me in this initiative or just make cards for your local hospital staff, grocery store staff, or any organization that still has to work to keep us safe and supplied with essentials.
I have made so many cards since the last post.  I will not go into describing what I used.  Just by looking you can tell what went into making each one.
Enjoy the views and thanks for your time and devotion to this blog.  Your kindness and support means so much to me and your love keeps me lifted up:
 Donation to
 Donation to
 Donation to
an entry for

 Donations for my "Soldier box"
Donation for my "Soldier box"
 Donation for my "soldier box"
Donation for my "soldier box"

Please stay at home if you don't have to be in a specific place.  If you have to venture out, wear your mask and gloves.  We don't need this virus to keep spreading.

Thanks for viewing and please come again.

Sending you a hug and love,

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

"Checking In, No Joke"

Happy Wednesday to all the beautiful people.
Coming to my blog to check in on you to see how are you doing?
Is everything and everyone doing okay?  It's a terrible time to have allergy problems.  When the symptoms act up, you don't know if it is your allergies or if it is the coronavirus.  Thank God for me, it's just my allergies. 
A church member's sister died last Friday and it is so sad that due to this virus no one but immediate family members can attend the funeral.  Another sad moment is that it cannot be a church funeral.  It can only be a graveside service.  Just about everything is closed down or you are limited to how many people can enter businesses that are still open. 
I've been taking some time to throw away a lot of paper pieces out of my craft space.  I'm hoping that by this time next week, my space will really look a lot better.  (There has been a lot of hoarding going on and I need to decrease so that in the future I can increase).
Here are some projects I have been working on this week:
 I played with stencils and distress oxides with this one.  Some die cuts and a Jolee's boutique bird helped me to finish this card.
 A card inspired by the colors in one of my bathrooms.  The towels have a brown background with blue flowers to match a bath mat.  I had some brown iridescent cardstock along with some "baby blue" cardstock in which I commended together to simulate that look.  While cleaning and moving around some items, this butterfly (which matched my colors) fell from between some cardstock.  How wonderful!
I am going to enter this over at
Just taking some cardstock pieces and blending them together.  I stamped the word "HELLO" and added a butterfly to complete the look of this card.

Keep safe and keep your distance everyone.  We are all in this situation together. 

Sending you a hug and love,

Monday, March 30, 2020

"Make The Best Out Of Any Bad Situations"

Hello friends, followers, visitors and viewers.
It's Monday, March 30, 2020.  One more day before we enter the big month of April.  We've been fooled enough with the Corona virus so there is no need to think of a good/bad joke for April's Fools' Day.
Bad or ridiculous situations can be the best experiences you may have. 
I listen to a minister yesterday.  This was his second week of preaching "live" on Facebook.   He admitted that he didn't think that much about Facebook or having a Facebook account.  He actually thought Facebook was a ridiculous thing to participate in until the virus outbreak.  In order to reach his congregation and other people around the world, he was encouraged to use the Facebook Live to post his sermon in actual time to as many people who could log in.  The views he received for his first broadcast surprised him.  He didn't know he had reached thousands of people (more than the number in his congregation) on line.  What he thought was bad became good for him.
Some of us have been laid off from jobs and put into social distancing beyond our control.  This has had an impact on emotional and social well being.  We can’t control bad situations, but we can control how we react to it.  It’s our mind and logical thinking that should be leading our lives. Doing that, we can stay on top of our goals.  Problems do not go away.  They must be worked through or else they remain, forever a barrier to the growth and development of the spirit.  You must take life the way it comes at you and make the best of it.  When you have a positive attitude, you see the solution to every problem. Instead of feeling bad for yourself, you seek ways on how to win over the situation.
There are things that we can’t control. The only things we can control are ourselves, but there’s really nothing we can do about the external forces. What do you do with things you can’t control? Will you just cry about it?  There’s not much you can do about it anyway. You’ll just stress yourself out thinking about it.  So, how can you make the best out of a bad situation?  Embrace each day as it comes.
"Life Is So Sweet...embrace each day as it comes"
cardstock: Neenah white: Hunkydory floral pattern paper; Recollections black; Paperandmore pink:  49 & Market Cottage Cutz
sentiment: Cosmo Cricket tiny text
embellishment: 49 & Market cottage blooms

Thanks everyone for viewing.

Sending you a hug and love,

Friday, March 27, 2020

"Crafting To Stay Busy"

Hello, hello, hello my friends, followers, visitors and viewers.
This is Lois here on this Friday, March 27, 2020.  The year is moving right along with or without our input.  Some things have come to a complete stop while others are adjusting the schedule. 
Even when I don't shop as often as others...I feel a need to just get out of the house to go windowing shopping.  I can't even do that due to the mall is shut down.  I feel a need to sit in a restaurant and eat a meal that I didn't cook.  I can't do that.  I can pick up the food and bring it home but I can't observe others as they chat and chew.  Am I really upset?  By no means necessary I am not.  It times like these, you learn to be creative.  I've rearrange my closet so that clothes that were in the back came forward.  It appears as if I went shopping to buy new items.  I've never experience with recipes as often as others but I'm trying new entrees.  DH doesn't seem to mind the change.  Some things on the menu will continue and others will be dropped...not due to his dislike but my palate wasn't impressed (lol).
Hey guys, I've been making cards. That's been my norm.  But  I've also pulled out scrap-booking paper to get those pictures from two trips put into a scrapbook (still a work in progress). Today, I'll share the cards and the scrapbook pages at a later date.  What are you all doing to stay busy?

 I was sent this bunny die  from the Funkie Junkie.  I decided to use them to make two cards just for fun and for my "soldier box".  The top card is for my granddaughter (she doesn't believe in the "Easter Bunny" any more, however, I'll put a gift card in the inside so she can shop for jewelry.

an entry for
 I did order some decoupage paper from Etsy.  I have mini albums to decorate but the paper wasn't the thickness I was hoping for.  It made a good card to give away.
 This card was made with Mintay 7th Heaven paper.  I didn't do anything special due to the image that was already printed on the paper.  I added a sentiment that was printed on vellum paper.
This was my mixed media panel that I played with on yesterday.  I used some gold expanding mousse and water color paint.  Once these dried, I stamp the flower and dragonflies in the middle.  I also added another printed vellum sentiment. 

As you can see, I've been crafting to stay busy.  We've been encouraged to stay at home and that is what I'm doing.  Our health, mental status and spiritual well being is fantastic at this time.  With prayer and God's help, it will stay this way.

Take care my friends.
Sending you a hug and love,