Thursday, October 22, 2020

"Eight Beauties To Share"

 Hello, hello, hello to all the beautiful people.  Welcome to my blog share for this Thursday, October 22, 2020.  I'm sorry to have not posted in quite a long time.  I'm still making projects but due to a small window of time, I post on Instagram.  It's a post and go type of thing lately.  I love blogging and I have to do better...I promise.

Here are all the things I've worked on since my last post:

A little encouragement: "Cherish yesterday.  Dream tomorrow.  Live today"
Christmas with the gnomes.
Christmas in the country.
Christmas with a bauble.
Christmas Joy
A fall card "Choose Kindness"
A Christmas card:  This will be submitted  to
Fall Card "Gather. Give. Grow"

Thanks for viewing.
Sending you a hug and love.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

"We're Still Wearing Pink In October"

 Hello, hello, hello friends, family, followers and visitors.  Today is Tuesday, October 13, 2020.  Blink real fast and it will be Christmas.  As a matter of fact, most stores are having a "prime day" to get you in the mood for buying gifts and other items before Christmas gets here.  Due to the virus still floating around, there are not many people hanging out in stores so what you have is online shopping and curbside pickup.

I have a compendium of cards to share.  Again, if you don't follow me on Instagram you would have missed the view of these beauties:

This is today's card.  I was introduced to CraftsUprint from the UK.  I downloaded the free images to my computer and I've been using them in my cardmaking.  This is something we can keep doing, daily...Pray, Love and then repeat.
This will also be seen on
A little Christmas Joy to get you into the holiday spirit.  This will be going into my "Soldier Box". 
This is a fantastic card to give to that friend.  Keep disturbing them so they will know you still love them.  Here, I used paper from Mintay.
Here comes another downloaded image from CraftsUprint.  It is also in line with Christmas.
Dies and more dies put together for this cutie.  Are you having a birthday?  I know of someone who will get this card.  
October is breast cancer awareness month.  I started with this card for Splitcoaststampers challenge.  Many people responded to this beauty.  Hope, prayer and courage to continue the fight for yourself or for a family member or friend.  We are all in this together.  Not knowing when you will be the next victim is a yearly reminder to get your mammograms' done. 
Last one for today is a fall-ish card.  More dies combined together to form a scene.
I hope you enjoyed your view today.  Your support is greatly appreciated.
Sending you a hug and love,

Monday, October 5, 2020

"World Teachers' Day"

 Happy Monday, October 5, 2020.

Happy World Teacher's Day.  The United Nations' (UN) World Teachers' Day celebrates the role teachers play in providing quality education at all levels. This enables children and adults of all ages to learn to take part in and contribute to their local community and global society.

My profession before retirement was in the teaching profession.  I spent thirty-one and a half years mostly with elementary children.  I once thought that teaching from home would be nice but since the pandemic, my thoughts have changed.  Talking to numerous teachers who are still working, trying to maintain a virtual as well as in house classroom requires a lot of planning and a lot of patience.  No one has admitted to virtual learning being nice or easy or smooth.  There are so many problems with technology not only with virtual learning but it shows up in all areas of the spectrum...your bank; at the grocery store; your going online to shop...problems, problems, problems.  However, I still support all people in the profession today and wish that the remainder of the school year will continue to go smooth.

Here are cards I've made since the last time I posted:

"Put Your Best Foot Forward and Good Things Will Follow.  I used a photo from CraftsUprint.  The flowers are decoupaged.
"HUGS" is another photo from CraftsUprint.  the flowers are handmade and the die cut behind the bear comes from Aliexpress.
I submitted this card on Saturday in honor of World Card Making Day.  It started as a piece of cardstock that I used to cut out some flower vines.  Since it left such a beautiful cut out image, I added another piece of cardstock behind the cut out section.  I found a quote online that had something to do with fall and leaves.  Using my Microsoft program and my printer, I copied this quote onto a white piece of paper and cut out another section to use as a die cut for my quote.
This card was created today in honor of World Teacher's Day.  Thinking of all my peers and colleagues who are still working in the classroom...virtual as well as in house teaching.  The flowers are handmade using a TH poinsettia die.  Behind the poinsettia is another die from Aliexpress as well as the window. the cat and the vase.  This will be added to

Thanks for viewing and please come again.
Love, Lois

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

"Happy Coffee Lovers Day"

 It's Tuesday, September 29, 2020.  The last Tuesday for this month and only one more September day before we enter October.  The last time I posted here, the weather felt like winter.  We switched our thermostat from air condition to heat.  Yesterday, the temp reached eighty we leave the thermostat on heat or switch it back to cool air.  I told my husband  I would adjust...of course we can always open the windows.  Nevertheless, the temperature from now until December will be hot, warm, cool and cold until snow falls in our area.

Today's national calendar says we are to celebrate "coffee day".  I didn't want to rush trying to get a card made for this occasion.  However, as I always do, I enjoyed that cup of "JOE" this morning.  It was good as it always is...good to the last drop.  Instead of a card, I pulled a picture from Google to celebrate with everyone else.  My card creation will have to come later.  Along with a picture from Google, I'm also sharing the cards I made that you have not seen if you're not on Instagram.  Here they are for your enjoyment.

A picture from Google
This card was made using cardstock and vellum.  Since we've enter the autumn season, what a better way to showcase these flowers.
Here is another "fall-ish" card.  Everything went well until I decided to use some WOW embossing powder on the big pumpkin.  It didn't work as well as I was hoping .  The color I used made the image look dirty and not as pretty as I thought it would be.
Because I had started on this card last night for today, I finished it to share.  This is a Julie Nutting doll and Heartfelt Creation flowers.    I have something else to take care of  the reason I could not make a "coffee card"  Let's pretend she has had her cup and is out for a walk among the last few flowers before the frost.  She is thinking about the happy moments since March  since the beginning of the pandemic.  Every moment wasn't great but the good days out way the bad days and we shall survive.  The will be an entry at

Thanks for viewing and supporting my page.
Sending you a hug and love,

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

"A Day Of Sharing"

 Happy Wednesday to all my family, friends, followers and visitors.

It has been a while since I last posted.  I cannot understand what is happening.  I'm retired, check.  I'm at home and not going out in this pandemic, check.  I make card almost everyday, check.  I don't know why I'm leaving my first love behind.  I don't tell my stories as frequently as I want to.  It is so easy to post to Instagram without writing a commentary.  I must do better.  I must.

Here are all the cards you have missed:

This was last week card for my bible journaling.
I'm not really into Halloween with the ghost, goblins and witches.  Usually I will make a few and I mean a few cards in this category.  Here is one that features fairies and butterflies.  The butterflies are stamped and the fairies are die cuts.
Monday, in our area, one would have thought it was winter.  Instead of sweater weather, we had to generally put on a light to medium coat to stay warm.  I stayed wrapped in a warm, heavy sweater while playing in my craft room.  Not really ready for this kind of weather, I had to say goodbye to summer because we will not see 90 degree temps for another nine months.
Here we are again on another Wednesday and another bible journaling card.  I've had a song playing in my head since the weekend..."When it is all over, I shall wear a crown".  To get this tune out of my head, I found some stamps in my collection and made this card.  I used puff paint and gold glitter drops to highlight the images.
This will show up over at

Thank you for joining me today.  I'm sending you a hug and some love,