Monday, January 24, 2022

"Hello, hello, hello Beautiful People"

 Hello family, friends, followers, viewers, and visitors.  I am so excited to post with you all today (January 24, 2022).  Happy new year to all of you.  I hope things are going well with you all.  It has been almost a month since my last post.  Let me bring you up to date on what has happened.  We celebrated Christmas with my daughter and her family (husband, child, in-laws).  We spent the night in NC and came home on that Sunday morning.  My oldest daughter who lives in Florida came home on the 5th of January and stayed until the 19th of January.  We had fun being mother and daughter and catching up on things.  Deaths in the community did occur due to Covid and old age.  I crafted as usual and posted to other sites.  I even tried to do something different (jewelry making).  

Today, according to the National calendar, it is National Compliment Day.  What is that all about?  National Compliment Day on January 24th offers a wonderful way to brighten someone’s day or to give credit for a job well done!  Give an extra compliment annually on January 24th and any time one is deserved.   A compliment has a powerful effect. It can instill confidence in a child, or validate someone’s hard work.   A compliment not only improves the receiver’s mood, but it also says something about the giver. It tells them you noticed. Whether we recognize someone’s achievement or their classic style, a compliment can go a long way.  To give a great compliment, first be sincere. People have a way of knowing when we are fake. If you don’t mean it, it’s worse than getting a thoughtless birthday gift.

I compliment all of you for your continued support of my projects.  You have been so sweet and loveable.  Here are all the crafting items I completed since our last encounter:

Valentine Day cards

I'm trying to make jewelry.  It is fun putting the beads together to make necklaces and bracelets.  I might think about selling something this year.
This card is for my bible journaling.  It has the topic that our Pastor wants us to focus on for the 2022 year.   I like to make something that helps me to keep up with what we are studying.  It gives me a visual picture of the topic.  I will add this one to

Thank you for your kindness,

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

"New Year's Resolutions"

 Hello crafty friends.   We are two days before singing "Happy New Year"!  We hope to see and hear from you in 2022 ( well that's a nice ring).  I don't say "I resolve to ...for a specific year (resolution)".  I simply pray for God to continue to bless me and to keep me healthy and wise day by day.  You may be different from me.  I've asked you the same question on numerous years since posting on this blog...what is or are your New Year's Resolutions?  We've had and still are dealing with the pandemic.  What could be a new normal  as we come into the new year?  Is it possible to make resolutions and hope that we can achieve our goal?  Well, here are some things people across America are resolving to do:

Shed those extra pounds (not just the ones put on between Thanksgiving and Christmas).  Gyms at home or down the street will see more people in the next month than the whole of 2021.

As crafters, some of us will start or continue to sell our items by starting or continuing a business.

Some of us will be moving into a new place, state, or country.  It has been your desire and you are so ready now.

If you are not a mommy or daddy, how about planning on having that child or a second or third for 2022.

You've always wanted to "pay it forward".  This is your year to do it.  Be a big brother, sister, or mentor.

This is a good one...go, go, go (TRAVEL).  The pandemic may have stopped you within the last two years but if you have to double or triple mask, then this is your year to see outside of your town.

Whatever your resolution is, embrace it, do it, and please enjoy it.

My last share for 2021:

I posted this here and  over on Splitcoaststampers (SC886) for their sketch challenge
This is posted here and over at
My January birthday people...I'm getting ready for you as well as for my Valentine people.
I was trying out a die from Aliexpress.  The die is huge and I have some reservations about it.  I love the design but in the USA will usually don't make big cards.

I enjoyed posting and sharing with you this year.  I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the items that I crafted.  If God spares us to be together in 2022, then look forward to more cards and crafty items.  Thank you so much for your time and for viewing.  Happy New Year to you.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

"I Want To Wish You A Merry Christmas"

 Hello to all my family, friends, followers and visitors.

The countdown to Christmas is only three days.  Are you in the spirit of celebrating.  We celebrate the birth of our Savior with family and friends.  It is a day of rejoicing.  I'm hoping your Christmas will be a happy and joyous one.  We've gone through two years of this pandemic and it is still on the rise.  From one variant to another, it seems that we cannot get out of it.  Some of us are still here (praise the Lord).  Some of our family and love ones transition from Covid or from other things.  We shall remember them during this time of the year and continue to press on.  Here are some of my end of the year creations.  I'm going to relax, reflect and refocus until the new year.  Enjoy the view:

Card Sketch for Splitcoaststampers SC885

card Sketch for Splitcoaststampers SC884

Into making bead able pens for my granddaughter and church members.

Have yourself a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
If it is the Lord's will, I'll post projects in 2022 for your enjoyment.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

"Counting Down To Christmas"

 Hello crafters in the USA and international.  Happy Wednesday, December 8, 2021.  Who has snow?  Who has sunny weather in the 90 degrees?  Who has rain other than me?  Stop and think for a moment...2022 is almost knocking on our door.  Have you lost the extra weight?  Has your health improved?  Do you have another child, husband or wife since last year?  Are you counting down to Christmas or do you celebrate all year?  Seventeen more days before December 25.  Are all the present bought?  Is the tree and trimmings up and in place?  Are those meals for the holidays planned?  Continue to count down and take care to make this a joyous, happy holiday.

Shares, shares and more shares:

December birthday
Sketch challenge at Splitcoaststampers for December 1, 2021

Christmas card

Bible journaling card:  The joy of the LORD is your strength.
A gift box using Tonic Studio die
A tag card for a birthday

A birthday card for a friend

Dreaming of a lovely vacation outside of the USA
Let it snow, snow, snow.  At least for once before the winter is over.

A Christmas card to share at
Here is my card for Splitcoaststampers for December 8, 2021.  Play along with their SC883 sketch.

Thanks for viewing.  Have a great day!


Wednesday, November 24, 2021

"It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like A Season Of Joy"

Happy Wednesday to all my friends, followers, visitors and viewers.  It has been such a long time since I last wrote to you.  I've missed posting here but I always post on Instagram.  How are you doing?  Are you ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas?  Thanksgiving is tomorrow, November 25, 2021 and you have four weeks to get ready or be ready for Christmas.  This year has gone by a little fast.  Many good and bad things have happened.  In my area we are still dealing with people getting Covid.  A school mate just died from this virus.  She didn't get or want the vaccine and when she got sick, she really got sick.  The news is depressing at times, that is if you allow the negative to get into your mind.  Read it, hear it, but please let it go and concentrate on something else.

These are my shares for your viewing and inspiration.  Please enjoy!!!

This was for Veterans Day.
This was for a sketch challenge over at
Using the macramé die from Elizabeth craft
Slimline card for my bible journaling
I did a card like this about three years ago using gold mirror card.  This time I used silver mirror card.
Another bible journal card.
Sketch challenge #SC880 for
Christmas card for a sweet lady.
Christmas card for a sweet lady
Do you notice that sometimes in you community you have numerous death happening together.  This is what we are experiencing in our neighborhood.  Someone transition every day last week.
This card was made on 11-24-2021 for another family who loss a loved one.  I will share this over at
A card prepared for the sketch challenge over at #SC881

Have a joyful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  
I will be back before Christmas.  Until the next time, be blessed.