Thursday, January 29, 2015

CAS Just Because

Hello Friends, Followers and Viewers,
Today feels like a "just because" day.  It doesn't hurt.  It is not overly excited.  It is not expensive. It is not an immediate problem. It is not a day like any other day.  It is "just because"!
What would you do on a "just because" day?  Sing with the window open.  Skip instead of walking. Extend your nap time.  Eat a little extra dessert.  Kick up your feet and relax a little.  Hug someone. Call someone you haven't heard from in a while.  Send someone a card.  Fill in the blank: Today, I am going to __________________just because.  This is the way I'm feeling today "just because".  I don't want to wait until August 27 to celebrate the National Just Because Day.  Yes, that's correct.  There is a Just Because Day that you can celebrate.  Who knew?

Some ideas for a greeting card are:
Here is my latest creation of a "Just Because" card  I'm sending  to someone in the mail today:
GP cardstock for the base and top mat.
Bazzil cardstock for the pink mat with Just Because printed using the printer
two Martha Stewart butterfly stickers
It is really clean and simple!

Here is another clean and simple card made with GP cardstock for the base and mat; a sheet of mix paper floral mat stack for the center; a die cut puzzle piece with the word "hello" written on it.  This one will be sent out in the mail to someone, "just because"  I want to keep in touch.
Have yourself a "just because" day any day.  Remember, you don't have to wait until August 27th to do so.
Thanks for viewing.  Come back again!  You may join, follow or make a comment.  I want to hear from you.


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