Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Embrace Your Art

Hello Viewers, Followers and Friends,
It is cold, cold, cold outside with sleet.  This morning the roads, sidewalks, and steps were treacherous.   If you were out, I hope you didn't slip up and fall (those people on the east coast).  Those of you who are experiencing warm, cozy weather, enjoy.  I wish I was with you.

Over at Scraps of Color and also Tiare  has the following:

As you can see from the photo, you can embrace your art 365 days of the year.  Each Monday, Tiare gives you the prompts for the week.  Here are this weeks prompts:
  • Prompt 12: Balance
  • Prompt 13: Abstract
  • Prompt 14: BIG Head
  • Prompt 15: Goddess
  • Prompt 16: green, yellow, purple
  • Prompt 17: ugly paper
  • Prompt 18: orange, blue, green
I'm posting these because I have to admit that I'm just getting started myself.  This is my first week and these are the items I have made as of today: (Click on the photo for a larger view).
Prompt 12  Balance

Prompt 13 Abstract

Prompt 14 Big Head

Prompt 15 Goddess
For my Valentine stack, this is my latest creation:
The Essence of Love is Kindness

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