Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Everything Old is New Again"

Hello Friends, Followers and Viewers,
The weather here is getting colder.  It is not snowing but I keep waiting for a flake to fall.  I love to watch snow falling.  If not today, maybe later in the season.
How many of you have recycled or reused  an item?  Just for a laugh, think about that turkey you had for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  You probably used it in  more ways than one.  How about that present that just didn't...and you boxed it and passed it on to someone else.
Since I am into crafting and always making something out of paper, I often recycle.  I've often used cereal boxes when a project required sturdier material, especially mini albums.
Today, I'm  going to recycled a mixed media project that I did last year: Here is the project before the recycling.

Here are the cards I made from this project and I am going to play along with ThePaperPlayers #226:


Can you find the recycled material in these three cards?  Everything old is and can be new again!

You are invited to join or follow along with me or just comment on something you see.  I'm always waiting to hear from you.

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