Friday, January 23, 2015

You Are In My Thoughts and Prayers

Hello to All (Friends, Viewers and Followers),
I'm ready for the weekend with no immediate plans.  I think we're going to be spontaneous and do something outside the box.  I've found out that I have the best time when we "just do" instead of planning.  Of course, any day I go shopping is a great day.  What do you have on your agenda, a planned event or spontaneity?
Lesson for January 25, 2015:  Do you often pray for others as  you pray for yourself?  Do you pray for others when you know they are sick and going through suffering or when they ask you to pray for them? Have you ever confessed your sin to someone else?  All of these questions center around the topic " We Pray For One Another": James 5:13-18.  Our lesson reminds us to pray regardless if our lives are going through difficulties or if situations and or events are making our lives easier.  Praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ will keep us sensitive to one another. Through prayer, we can stay connected to our power source: God.  He strengthens us to endure the intrusions that appear in life that we never imagined we would encounter.
My take on this lesson is depicted in the following cards. I will also submit the first card to WordArtWednesday, Any Thing Goes Challenge #167.  I hope you enjoy your view:
WordArtWednesday #127

Whatever your plans and wherever they lead you, have fun and enjoy.


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