Monday, February 23, 2015

Star-burst On A Cloudy Day

Welcome Friends, Followers and Viewers,
Does the weather effect the creative process?  I think so.  Last week I did, I was doing and I wanted to do in the cold temperatures.  Looking over some of the cards I made, I think in the future I'm going to do a re-do because they were not what I would call a success.  The snow and cold weather in my area have sent me towards bright energetic colors.  I'm not only wanting to brighten my day but I'm also wanting to create an uplifting card for an ill friend or someone on the road to recovery.  What better than a card with lots of colors and the feeling of sunrise :)  I made a pattern just to see how the card would look:
I cut 6 strips from different pieces of scrap patterned paper that measured 4.5 by 1.5.  Next, those pieces were cut diagonally with the point of each end on the cutting edge.  Using a 4 by 5.25 piece of cardstock, I began adhering each strip to the card stock starting in the middle and working outward alternating between the left and right until I reached the end of the cardstock on both sides (your strips will over-hang on the top and sides while you are adhering them down.  Don't worry because when you finish this step you will cut off all excess. Another half inch strip was cut to layer over the raw edges.  I put a flower in the middle where all the points met.  You could use whatever you like.
Here are two more cards using the same method with only two different pieces of patterned paper:

Let the sunshine into your life today even if it is cloudy outside.  Everyone needs a sunburst every now and then.
Thanks for viewing today.  As always, your comments are welcomed!
Sending you a hug and some LOVE,

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