Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Going Green

Hello To My Friends, Followers and Viewers,
We've made it to Wednesday and we're going green today.  I am if not you!  If you think about some things that are green, how about The Wicked Witch of the West, The Incredible Hulk, Kermit the Frog and people on St. Patrick's Day.  How about a feeling?  You can be "green with envy" or "green with sea-sickness." But "green" is also a new way of thinking about the world you live in, and a way of living your life. And it's catching on all over the globe. People decide to "go green" because they know that we only have one planet to live on, and we won't be able to live on it much longer if we keep wasting energy and resources, and trashing our home with air, land, and water pollution.    Understanding that when we talk about "saving the planet" or "saving the environment," we are actually talking about saving ourselves! That's because we ALL need: Clean air to breathe; Clean water to drink; Safe, healthy food to eat; Safe, healthy places to live; Energy to run the places where we live, learn, play and work.  This is good news but the best news is I went "green" (the color) today with all my latest creations.. I just couldn't put the green down.  In the crafting world the phrase is "clean and simple" for cards that have some empty spaces and this is the direction I went today.  I'm dedicating these cards and giving thanks  to all the ladies who send me love every day.  Those who like what they are seeing and are encouraging me to continue.  You know who you are and I will not print your name here. I love your inspiration:

Thanks for taking a little time out of your schedule to enjoy this Lil Artsy Woman's creations.
Sending you a hug and LOVE

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