Wednesday, May 20, 2015

End Of The Year Teacher Gift

Happy Wednesday Followers, Friends, and Viewers,
It's hump day after another adventurous day.  I need to slow down to smell the roses or the coffee (both are good).  Days are going by so fast and I've missed some of them (lol).  It makes my heart happy to have nice comments from viewers.  The people on Google Plus, Pinterest, SOC, Splitcoast Stampers,, MojoMonday, other challenge blogs and my church members are outstanding. When you see something unique and would love to have it, that is even better.  That is exactly what some people are doing. They have seen something I've created and want it or something like it.    I made a card- in- the box last year around the time of  Teacher Appreciation Week.  It was posted to Pinterest and on SOC.  The number of people who have pinned this card- in- the- box has been overwhelming.  I even saw my creation on a professional card maker's Pinterest page. I've made two to share with you today.  If you missed Teacher Appreciation Week celebration, then the end of the teaching year is coming up and you may need to get her or him a gift.
My share:
This card measure 61/2 by 11
This is the front view
PayPal option #1

Side view from left

Side view from right

Back View for writing a note 

View of card half folded

Card fully folded and ready to be placed in envelope

A second card that measures 6 by 8.
 This is the card half folded
PayPal option #2

The 6 by 8 card fully folded and ready for the envelope.

6 by 8 card showing front view

 6 by 8 side view of the left

6 by 8 side view of the right

6 by 8 back view for writing
Teacher Appreciation goes on all year.  What a great way to end the year by giving a teacher something very unique like this card-in-the-box.  Thanks for viewing today.  Come back again for another special occasion.
Sending you a hug and LOVE,

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