Tuesday, June 9, 2015

...And So It Is

Good Afternoon Friends, Followers and Viewers,
Coming to you late in the afternoon which is unusual for me.  I hope your day has been great and uneventful.  We experience some glitches in our usual schedule and was not at home from 9 until 4 this afternoon.   My DL has had some problems with his elbow swelling since Thursday.  If he had made an appointment on Friday as suggested by me  we probably would not have gone through with what we went through today.  "And so it is"... without so much fanfare...the wife always knows best (ha ha).  His primary care physician was not in his office today so due to the intense pain in my husband's elbow he was told the nurse practitioner could assist him. "And so it is"... she couldn't. She didn't have the expertise to deal with his situation.  She calls his orthopedic surgeon to assist him. This was another thirty minute drive to see doctor number two all in the same day.  "And so it is"... after the x-rays and examination...he has olecranon bursitis/spur. He is to use ice, get rest, no pressure and take Aleve. He was told this is something that has to wear itself away for the next four weeks.  If the pain and swelling is still there at the end of this time period, then, the orthopedic surgeon will take another look at it.  "And so it is"...two doctors in one day 30 minutes apart and  money spent on a "go home and take Aleve diagnose".
The card I'm sharing today was done around six this morning with another blog title.  After our experience today, I had to re-write my story to go with my title....hope you enjoy:

And So It Is
Enabler's List: black, white and silver cardstock; corner punch ; embossing folder

 MOJO401 challenge
do more of what you love
Enabler's List; white and black cardstock; watercolor paper incorporating Ranger distress inks and stencils; Martha Stewart butterfly

And so it is...time to thank you for viewing with me today.
Sending you a hug and LOVE,
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