Monday, June 22, 2015

Hello There, I Have A Delete Button

Hello There...Friends, Followers and Viewers,
Welcome back from your fun-filled weekend.  Hope you helped Dad celebrate Father's Day and left him feeling blessed and happy.  Some got suits, ties, underwear, i Pads, tablets, fishing gear, a hug, and money for being the "best" dad around.  Some received a cold shoulder or cold message for being a "deadbeat" dad. As it looks from my end, everyone got something.  I imagine someone was wishing they could use the "delete" button  to erase the man who fathered their child but has not help to do anything in their child's life.  It would be good if we could hit that delete button and you could disappear.  Not only dead beat dads but anything and everything that makes life a little difficult to deal with at times.  A liar, a cheater, a nuisance, a hater, an abuser, a murderer, a thief.... just hit the delete button and poof, you're gone.  Unfortunately we don't have a button to delete people but we do have one to delete photos, blogs, accounts, pages, words, phrases, e-mail and comments that people send and say  that get to you in a negative way. I have a button and I have deleted some negative things and pictures that came my way.  I'm not apologizing if you were that person.  I'm just glad I have a delete button for that (lol).
Today's share:
hello There
Supply list: blue cardstock; Tim Holtz's watercolor paper painted with Ranger tea dye distressed ink (bottom mat); the top mat incorporates watercolor paper with Ranger tumbled glass and broken china distressed ink; small petals die cut from Spellbinders stargazer lily and formed into flower.

We do have a delete button on most of our technology gizmos where we can delete mistakes, words, pictures, posts, etc that either we don't want people to see or when someone has sent you something that is inappropriate or hurtful to you.  It's okay to hit that button and let it go.
Have a nice day!
Sending you a hug and LOVE,

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