Thursday, June 4, 2015

Piece Together

Hello Friends, Followers and Viewers,
How many of you have ever used the phrase, "I'm going to piece together something". Sometimes we go into our closets and piece together a skirt from this suit with a coat from another suit to make a completely different outfit.  Or, we will go into the pantry and pull out a jar of this and a box of that to piece together a meal for dinner.  I'm quite sure you can think of other ways to piece together something.  Piece together according to the Free Dictionary means...To join or unite the pieces of something; or Join or combine parts into a whole.  In the world of crafting, we are always piecing together parts to make a whole.  In one of my other projects, I combined 6 prompts into a card.   I like taking the prompt or prompts and putting them together to make a card.  The  ATC's we use do not suffice for some organizations when you give your cards away to charity.  Therefore, if I can, I usually will think card plus prompt. Doing it this way I can do one project to meet the need of two.  Well, so much for that...piece together is what I did with this card today. The prompts that I combined were (1) stitched together (2) fun (3) simple (4) pieces (5)silhouette (6) pattern paper.  Each purple strip has a stitching line (you may not be able to see it but it's there). For me, this was fun and simple to use these pieces with the pattern paper being a silhouette behind the strips. Take a look and see how I combined six  prompts into one card.
Happy Birthday
On The Road To Recovery
Thinking Of You
All of those titles can be use on this card
Enabler's List: lavender and white cardstock; lavender pattern paper; flowers from Jolee's boutique and Recollection: butterflies cut from Spellbinder die.; faux pearls from Martha Stewart.

Take time today to piece together an outfit, a meal, a quilt, a card or anything your lovely mind can think of.  Have fun doing it.
Sending you a hug and LOVE,
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