Monday, August 10, 2015

"Cherish"...You Do Or You Don't

Good Monday to my friends, followers and viewers.  It is great to start another wonderful week with you.  We did go shopping but only managed to get the necessary food items that we needed.  When I slid into Michaels I pick up twelve sheets of patterned paper (on sale @ 4 sheets for $1)  and an universal overlay for my old Cricut Expression machine.
 Let me interest you today on the topic  "Cherish"...You Do Or You Don't.  Definition of cherish  : to feel or show great love for (someone or something)   : to remember or hold (an idea, belief, etc.) in a deeply felt way.
 I was going through my crafting "stuff" and saw a cute small tag  from K&Company Jubilee Tags & Note cards Die-Cut Cardstock. I thought it would be appropriate for what happened last week within our family.  Within three months, my cousins have had two sisters (with cancer) to die and be buried. One in April and the other one last week. They were both fairly young women in their forties.  Reflecting on the definition of "cherish", to hold dear; to feel or show love for; to take care of; to protect; to cling to the idea or feeling of…  this is what we shall do in the future.  We will remember the times we had with Verline and Christine, irreplaceable people , and cherish those memories forever.   Everyone has somebody in their lives that would benefit by being cherished.  There are people who take other people for granted. We are not here to stay forever.
 Here are at least three things you can do to show that you "cherish" the people in your life:  Spend time with your friends and family...Tell the people in your life how you feel about them...Don’t withdraw your love.
For all of my family members and friends who are still alive, and those who have gone away... I cherish you.  You are and were very special and I love you.

This is the card I made to go with the title today:

Supplies: white Recollection cardstock along with craft cardstock
Spellbinder die for mat and for flower (sorry, I don't have the names )

Who or what do you cherish?
Sending you a hug and LOVE,

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