Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Bouquet Just For You

Hello to my friends, followers and viewers.
Shh, we are not going to call this day the "h" day.  It is that day but we want to be quiet about it.   Trust me!  We were off Monday, so today would be just the second work day for the week.  We're not tired. We're full of energy and gaining speed (lol).  We will have to wait until tomorrow to say, "oh  boy only one more to go".

I've had those times where my husband or my daughters would just send a bouquet of flowers with a tag that said, "A Bouquet Just For You".  Nothing special was going on.  I was not sick.  It wasn't Valentine's or Mother's Day. Neither was it my birthday, Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas.  So why the bouquet?

It's not your birthday.  It's not your anniversary.  Your family circle has not been broken.  You are not in the hospital.  So why is this bouquet just for you?

Doesn't it make you feel special when you receive something unexpectedly.  A gift in any form.  And especially a bouquet of beautiful flowers.

I think you will truly enjoy the beautiful bouquet I selected just for you today. I picked each flower just for you as I thought of how great you are.  Flowers may fade, but not the thoughts on friendship:
A Bouquet Just For You
Enabler's List: beige and brown cardstock with polka dot pattern paper
A vase that was hand drawn  and cut out using handmade paper.
Prima flowers and  flowers that were embossed and cut out from cream colored cardstock.
Enjoy your bouquet.   I know it is coming as a surprise  but that's the way I am.  Love to do the unexpected every once in a while.
Sending you a hug and Love,

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