Monday, September 21, 2015

Are You Doing More Of What Makes You Happy?

Hello Friends, Followers, Viewers and Visitors on this crisp fall-like Monday (if you're in the south).

My weekend was great.  How about yours? I don't know of anything else I could have done to make it as fantastic as it was.

Have you been in an environment lately where you could look around the room and notice the expressions on the faces of the other  people that are there?  Do or did they look happy?
I was in an environment looking around at the faces of the other people who were present.  I saw less smiles compared to the large number of frowns on the faces of the people that were in the room.  There was no unpleasant odor in the room (not unless they were sitting near someone with one). There was nothing  bad being said that would cause so many frowns.

Okay, I'm going to be honest!  I'm in this particular environment every week and it is the same expressions that I notice every week.   No matter if something nice is going on or if you are giving out gifts, it is the same frowning faces on the same people week after week after get my point!  I've wonder if my presence is the cause of the frowning but I've been told that it isn't.  These people are the same no matter where you see them.  There is no noticeable happiness that beams from within to without. Happiness is the outward manifestation of inner joy. You can fill up your life with lots of stuff, but if you’re not internally okay with yourself, then there’s but so much a new pair of shoes, dress, car or job can ever do for you.

When God wakes me up in the morning.. I'm happy.
A sip of that first cup of coffee...I'm happy.
My husband telling a joke or saying something funny...I'm happy
My craft room with things out of place...I'm happy
Phone calls from my daughters, granddaughter and family...I'm happy
Reading...I'm happy
I’m starting to beam just writing these down. And there’s a lot more. My frizzy hair on yesterday and a new blouse that half of the buttons fell off when my handbag rubbed against them.   I was happy.
Out of these on this list and others, I'm going to keep doing them because this is what makes me happy (all except the buttons popping off my blouse)!
Do More Of What Makes You Happy
Base Card was make with a Recollection sheet of beige cardstock cut down to 4.25 by 5.5.  This was topped with a burgundy piece of Recollection cardstock 1/8 less than the base card on each side.  A piece of Ranger watercolor paper was used on top of this which was masked, distressed and embossed.  The Ranger distress inks used were: broken china, barn door, aged mahogany and shabby shutters.  A heat gun was used to make sure the ink was dry before stamping it with  Tim Holtz's Visual Artistry Collection using distress embossing ink and white embossing powder.  The same burgundy Recollection cardstock was cut at 2 by 3 1/4 and was diagonally placed and matted with a  white piece (same size) of cardstock with a vellum overlay printed with the sentiment.  The owl image was a free Digi from pinterest that I colored using water colored pencils and placed above the white piece of cardstock.  Three faux gems from Recollection were placed on the card.

So I ask you, what makes you happy? I’m not talking deliriously happy, like putting on a Halloween costume, but just a general feeling of contentment with the world around you. Think about it and post your answers here. I’ll like to hear what you have to say.

Thanks for joining me today!
Sending you a hug and LOVE,

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