Tuesday, October 20, 2015


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If I mention the word "storm", you will probably immediately think of bad weather: rough winds, ice, snow, thunder.  Those are in the family of conditions from nature.
What if we can put our mind and thoughts around "storms of life": Whether it be:
Temptations… You are just battling away and looking for not only for a way out but some are just looking for answers.  You have to understand, storms are a way of life. There will never be a year that will go by that we will not see threatening weather in our Christian life. Storms are going to take place. But it’s how we react when they come upon us that’s the question.

The storm(s) will come while we are in God’s Will.
Read Matthew 14:22-31...Jesus makes his disciples get into the boat and go to the other side. A storm starts brewing.The wind becomes contrary.  Jesus is up in the mountain praying. The disciples were starting to get concerned.

You have to realize that these storms are going to come. This will not be your last one.  v. 26 - They didn’t recognize Jesus when He came to them.  But isn’t that just like us. We don’t see Jesus in our storms? Why?
We are so caught into what we are going through that we don’t recognize when God shows up. 
God may not always show up in an angel outfit  There maybe times where His way of getting you to your next level comes in form of something that scares you.  Anytime God moves us up, He is moving you out of your comfort zone of service. Why does He do that?
We get so comfortable in our situations and circumstances that we start living as though we don’t need Him. So just about the time you get settled, God will send a storm in your life that causes you to turn back to Him.  v.27 - But He does offer this encouragement: 
“It is I, be not afraid”

For my share today, I have used the following supplies:
cardstock:  white Spectrum Noir and light blue Recollection and a sheet of vellum
embossing folder from Spellbinders M-Bossabilities  EL-014
die from Spellbinders Labels 47 Decorative Elements

Read  Matthew 14: 22-33.  It is such a beautiful story in the Bible

I'm posting this last picture for my daughter in Florida to see my weather this morning: #frostonthepumkins

It's cold outside

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