Monday, November 9, 2015

"My Deep Waters Experiences"

Hello Friends, Followers, Visitors and Viewers,
I'm so glad you survived the weekend and came back today for a visit. I survived!  I'm still here but let me tell you of some of the things that happened while I was away.
Saturday, my husband and I went out for a drive.  We knew the weather report had predicted a 70% chance of rain.  It was drizzling as we were leaving home.  The more we drove south, the heavier the rain became.   A few pot holes in the highway along with heavy down pours ( the ones that you can't see what is in front of you), would have made some like me to turn around and head back home but my husband seem to think we would be okay. Yes, we were.  God is good and  He didn't take his hands off of us out in the deep waters (some spots on the highway).
Sunday, we experience another "type" of deep waters".  The kind that comes from hostile and retaliating  individuals.
To be truthful, the hostility was towards me but since my husband and I are a team, I'm including him in the scenario.

I'm a Sunday school teacher for our adult class at the church we attend. ( I was until yesterday). Yesterday's lesson was about dissension surrounding whether the Gentiles should be circumcised...Acts 15:1-12.   Without going into the full details of what happened in our class, let me just tell you that Satan showed up and showed out in two of our adult members towards me.  One person's hostility  started as soon as I asked if there were any questions concerning the previous lesson as well as the lesson for that day. He (yes a man) wanted to know if I hadn't open my mouth (at that moment) to teach him anything then, how could he ask a question or make a comment...I started praying silently.
 Approximately fifteen minutes into the lesson another person or persons started mumbling loud enough that I stopped to ask whether there was a question or comment that needed to be made.  Here is where I want to say and I'm going to say it...all "hell" broke loose and an adult woman attacked me verbally.  I wanted to "let my hair down" and give her a dose of her own medicine, but I knew that would have been very ugly of me.  I tried to clarify something that she said I had not done, but to no avail, she didn't want to listen to me and to be honest I didn't want to listen to her.  I simply stated that the comment I had made was biblical truth...something she doesn't like hearing and secondly, I wasn't there to argue with her over what God has said.

I felt as if I was really  swimming now in the deep waters.  Two adults in the same room retaliating and being hostile towards me cause me to say, "this is volunteering to teach ends at this very moment".

We all have been through deep water as in trials, troubles, sickness or death of a love one. Many times it seems our feet don’t touch the bottom but, God says, it shall not overflow thee.
Also sometimes we think we are in deep water and we are going to drown but when we step out on faith in our Lord Jesus we find the water is only 2 feet deep.

No matter what comes your way, whether it is good or bad, we will survive.  I believe God parts the water, straightens the paths and sometimes defeats the enemy without us even knowing it.

Thanks be to God that I feel so much better by sharing my burden with you today.  Here is my card reflecting this experience:
Supplies I used

  • Mojo 423
  • Outlawz Challenge: Keep Me in Stitches (faux or real sewing)

There will be areas of deep waters in your life but you have to have an anchor to keep you from sinking.  My anchor is Jesus.  Who or what is yours?

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

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