Monday, January 11, 2016

"Two Or More Inches"

Greetings to you on this Monday!
My weekend was very enjoyable.   What about the one that you had?  Some shopped!  Some slept in!
Some had birthdays (it's another day Roni, smile and enjoy it)!  Some people went to or watched football games!  Some people made sure their little "Sunshine" (she came and stayed Friday and Saturday night) had a lot of grandma's attention!  All in all it was a really enjoyable weekend.

We had not seen our granddaughter in person since Thanksgiving.  We face time every week but it is not the same.  Looking at her even back in November it appears as if she is growing by leaps and bounds.  I remember teasing her back in November telling her she was trying to get as tall as I am.  Of course, wanting to be grown she said, "yes, grandma, I am".   Well, when she came on Friday evening, I could tell that more inches had been added to her frame.  We again joked about it.  I didn't exactly get out the yard stick to see the actual height of her but she has grown two or more inches since the last time we saw her in person.  My daughter even said she thinks "Sunshine" is having growth pains because she complains about her legs hurting.  As a concerned grandmother, I told her to get a medical opinion.

Speaking of "two or more inches", this is the challenge over at the Outlawz today:

Monday Greetings Challenge – Use two or more “inches” on your card – GCC011116

This is my entry:

love you bunches
Enabler's List:
Neenah white cardstock for A2 base; brown paper from the Paper Studio for the mat cut 1/8 inch smaller than the base; two squares  and two rectangles cut from paper out of my paper stash;  I added a Martha Stewart butterfly for an embellishment over one of the squares and I printed and colored the crocus (flower).

Still working with the Outlawz, my next entry is for the CAS challenge: "Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend ... challenge - January 10, 2016.

"When HE gives you a Rainy Day play in the puddles"
Enabler's List
Neenah white cardstock and blue Recollection cardstock
printed and colored image using water colored pencils and glossy accent for the puddle

Are you growing two or more inches in height, weight, paper accumulation, or crafting supplies? 
My stash needs to be cleaned out again.  I'm going to get it boxed up for the Art Teacher again.  I really need to loose this paper weight (lol).

Thanks for viewing..come back and enjoy the view again!

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

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