Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"One For The "Goodie" Give Away Box"

Good Tuesday to my Friends, Followers, Visitors and Viewers.
Personally, do you get overwhelm with people or situations in your life?

Maybe it is the person in the office that does things just to see how far they can annoy you. They suck their teeth or slurp their food;  talk louder than anyone else; stand to close for comfort when talking to you; criticize everyone and everything.

Or, there are situations that we say "get on our last nerve".  Your insurance company will not pay a medical bill because they have not received the proper papers from the doctor's office;  you take medication for a specific problem and it (the medication) causes another major medical problem; the hygienist cleans your teeth and pulls out a piece of filling and your dentist wants to charge you for her mistake if he has to replace that filling.

Overwhelm!   Yes you are and I am also.

I know someone who always say,  "I'll let it bother me for a minute".  After that time is up so is the overwhelming problem whether it is a person or situation... God will handle it!
To be honest, that person is not me.  I'm sorry if your thoughts were focused in my direction.  Some things I will handle myself if I can.

I made a card for my "goodie" give away box.  I'm sure someone will find something nice to write in the inside:
Supplies Used:

  • Neenah white cardstock
  • black Recollection cardstock
  • Inkadinkado jar stamp
  • black Hampton Art ink
  • Offray blue ribbon
  • three Recollection flowers
  • broken china distress ink
  • Little B punch

Maybe when you are overwhelm you may make lemonade out of your lemon.  That works also.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

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