Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"How Beautiful Are You?"

Hello to Wednesday and to my friends, followers, visitors and viewers.
By now, many of you have had a chance to look in the mirror this morning.  What did you see?  Did you stare at the reflection and say "oh how____ you're looking today."
 Do you think you're skinny or fat?   Do you think your hair needs some coloring to make you older or younger?  Do you have to see an orthodontist to have perfect teeth before you can open your mouth to smile?
Hello you... yes you!  You're gorgeous, beautiful, pretty, cute, handsome, whatever you want to say about you.  Just don't say or think anything negative about yourself.
So look in the mirror and repeat this:  I am what and who I am.  No one can make me believe that I'm not beautiful.  I love myself even if no one else does.  I'm strong and I'm here being beautiful.
This is in no way being selfish but a way to stand up to all the bullies that try to bring you down.
In today's time we not only have children bullying children but did you know adults are doing this to adults also.  Let's take a stand and be beautiful in our own kind of way:
Be You Own Kind Of Beautiful!
Enabler's List:
Neenah white and Recollection black and yellow cardstock
Nicole Nostalgic Feelings designer paper
die used...Romantic Vines by Spellbinders
flowers from Recollection 

Sending you a hug and LOVE,
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