Tuesday, March 29, 2016

"Time To Get Dirty"

Hello Friends, Followers, Visitors and Viewers.
We are aware that it is Spring.   It could still be  cold and wet where you are at the moment but it is Spring.  What do most of us do during the beginning of this season?   The majority of us try to get outside to enjoy the sunlight and get dirty.  We get dirty by starting our gardens (flower and vegetable).  In the dirt we go and grow.  
Let’s get outside and celebrate!  In fact,  I'm encouraging you to get up close and personal with the Earth – as in, soil and dirt – turns out to be a good idea any day of the year.  Make that every day!
For instance, did you know that your stress levels are significantly reduced within minutes of entering green spaces?  Did you know playing in dirt can help develop healthy immune function in kids that’ll keep them healthy and strong long past childhood?  Did you know that being outside and in the dirt can reduce  higher rates of obesity, ADHD, Vitamin D deficiency and depression?
I'm sharing this card with you today.
A Flower Cannot Grow Without Getting Dirty
Enabler's List:
  • cardstock: neutral and dark brown Recollection cardstock;  Ranger watercolor paper
  • Specialty Cardstock from Recollection Steampunk Botanica
  • water colors:  pink and light yellow
  • embellishment: Recollection vase of flowers with a butterfly
  • die: Tattered Lace border die
Thanks for viewing today.  Take a little time to get outside and get a little dirty.  We are like flowers, beautiful in  our own way but without that dirt we cannot grow.  Air is good, dirt is better.

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

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