Monday, May 23, 2016

"A FATHER"S Day Card"

Hello Monday and to all my friends, followers and viewers.
I had a great weekend ...forgetting that it was a rainy day on Saturday and Sunday.  The world doesn't stop just because of raindrops.
This morning has been very busy for me as well as our local Fire Department.  One of our neighbors house caught on fire this morning...everybody is safe but it is a lot of damage done to this home.  As for me....I'm just behind in getting started... knowing that I have several things I need to get done today.
Here is one of card share:  The question for today is, "what makes a #1 Dad?"  Not every man is a father and not every father acts like a father.  Look around your neighborhood and see if you can count at least two children who are being raised by their single mom.  She may or may not be struggling with trying to keep these children fed and clothed.  If she is raising boys...there is no male figure in the home where the child can learn those "certain" things that only a man can be able to teach him.  The flip side of this coin is that there is a father in the home but is he living up to to the title of being a father?  Does he really take care of the family and spend time with the children?  Is he someone that the child can go out and say..."I love my Dad because he does ??? for me.  He shows me or he helps me to do ???
Maybe the father you are thinking about is above and beyond exceptional. He could be a model for all the men who have this title.  He could write HIS own book on how to be a #1 Dad or do a conference giving pointers on how to be or become a #1 Dad.
On this card I used:
cardstock: Recollection brown...bronze and a sheet from Vintage Colobok
music sheet from DCWV heirloom
guitar and hat from Jolee's sticker
# and 1 came from chipboard pieces out of my stash
tags and circle from K&Company with the "D.A.D." from sticker letters.

Sending a hug and LOVE,

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