Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"A Different Outcome From The Original Start"

Hello friends, followers, visitors and viewers.

It is Tuesday and I'm ready for the weekend.  Seriously, I am.   I know it has only been two days since our last weekend, but I feel like I need another vacation. Yesterday was just tiring...we are trying to clean up the garden (vegetable and flower).  We are also trying to spray and put down chemicals to keep those little bugs and spiders from trying to get in to hibernate inside the house during the fall and winter season.  My DH just found so much to do on yesterday.  
Maybe I'll squeeze in an hour or two today for some me time!!!

How many of you start off trying to accomplish a technique you saw on Pinterest, Google, Youtube, or one of your friends pages and you  get tired and leave out some steps?  I watched a project where you would use a die...cut it out several times...layer and glue it together...use embossing powder in a metallic color to color it several times...and then use it on a project.

I collected the paper, die, embossing ink and powder and placed them on my working area.
I made it through the first step...I cut the die several times, glued the cuts together.. but, I didn't feel like using the metallic  embossing powder to color it. (This is where I should have stopped and placed it aside until later but I didn't).  I pulled some paper out of my stash that paired with the image I had  made.  I did use a stamp (studio G) to stamp the sentiment in white embossing ink (not part of the original plan).
When I really have the time and feel like getting inky with my fingers, I'm going to do this project over again without skipping some of the steps (the metallic embossing required more than one application).   I had all intentions of using gold metallic embossing powder to make a Christmas card and not the one you're looking at.  I will try this again on a day that I'm not so sluggish and tired.

Here is the card:
Even though  I left out a step or two, I still hope you enjoy this card.

Have a great day....
Come again!!!

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

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