Friday, October 14, 2016

"Do You Want To Know How I Feel About You?

October 14, 2016
Good morning friends, followers, visitors and viewers.
Do you find it hard to express your feelings toward another person?  Are those expressions made in writing or spoken verbally to them?  Are those expressions negative or in a positive way?
Some people can express themselves quickly and let others know just how they feel about them.  Some can't seem to say what is on their mind so they keep a lot of things (negative and positive) locked up inside of themselves.
Today is Friday, the end of the work week....the beginning of a good fall-like weekend, but before we head in that direction....let me express myself.... You've been so good all week and if I failed to give you a great big "THANK YOU" in some way or another, then here it is...
Yes, you are.   You have chosen to be a follower, a visitor, a friend and or a viewer.
You come/came, you see/saw and you leave/don't leave a comment and I still think you're some kind of wonderful.
Thanks for your time and your view.  You can tell just how this card was made without me writing the details...but just in case you are a little confused...leave me a comment and I'll get back with you.

Sending you a hug and LOVE,
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