Friday, July 25, 2014

'O Holy Night'

Hello Everyone,
     It is good to be alive and well today or I should say at this very moment.
     The weather has been exactly what God has intended it to be.  Yesterday from eight in the morning, all through the day and last evening, it was storming with thunder and lightning and wind.  The electricity went out.  I could not post or do anything on the computer until late in the day and as soon as I was getting organized with something, it started storming again.
Three people died from the storm down on the Eastern Shore.  Many trees were down from the strong wind.
  The card I did is another Holiday/Christmas card.  It reminds me so much as to what was going on last night.  The storm reminds me that God was having a "Holy Night" and we had to enjoy his marvelous work.  No, it did not snow, but the hard rain that fell with the loud thunder and lightning was God having a good time while we sat still and let him perform.

Thank you for viewing today.
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