Monday, January 19, 2015

I've Got My Mojo Working

Hello Everyone,
What a fantastic day for a holiday.  It is Monday and I'm not feeling lazy.  I've got my mojo back and  I did a lot over the weekend with catching up on "Embrace Your Art 365".

 Take a look and see for yourself: (Click on each picture for a larger view).
 #1 pastel paint & ink;  #2 bloom;  #3 your hand;  #4 intuition;  #5 numbers;  #6 pick 3 colors & draw something;  #7 zen tangle;  #8 a pop of color;  #9 postcard;  #10 trees and hearts;  #11 flying things
# 10 & 11

Here is today's prompt and  picture: # 19 Bubbles

Hope you like the view.
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