Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Stenciling + Distress Oxide"

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hello friends, visitors, followers and viewers.
It was nice hearing from so many of you on the first day of spring.  I appreciate all the responses and comments made on my project.

According to the National Day Calendar.  Among the many things to celebrate today are National Common Courtesy Day and National Single Parent Day.
Stop and think for a moment... how many people do not show common courtesy.  You don't want to hold a door open when coming or going in a building.  You don't want to speak to different ethnic groups of people. You don't say "please" or "thank you" when help is asked for or given.  What is wrong with us?
We look upon single parents as if they are so "beneath" us.  Some people think being a single parent is a crime.  Again, have we lost all sense of character.
I have noticed recently, that in these two areas, people are acting so cruel.
From the National Day Calendar: " If common courtesy is not a part of your daily routine, then this is the day to start implementing courtesy into your life.  Try it; not only will the other person appreciate it, but you will feel good about it also.     We all know of a family member, friend, neighbor, coworker or someone who is a single parent. Support and appreciate them. Make this day a special one for the single parents that you know."

Inspiration for this came from many Youtube, Pinterest and Google Images since the induction of Distress Oxide inks.  People are just exploring ways of using it.  
Here, I've used a stencil and many different Oxide inks to make the background for this card.  I simply stamped a sentiment using a Recollections "color splash" stamp, also with Distress Oxide ink. I added a few gold sequins and considered this card finished. 

entry for WordArtWednesday.blogspot.com

Here are some of the main supplies used:  stencil from Art-C "interlocking squares" and Distress Oxide.

You can do the same technique with any type of inks.  I've experimented with stenciling using inks from different sources and with gesso and texture paste.  The technique is not new, it is just the material used to achieve it.

Thanks for visiting.  Your presence and comments always keeps me doing what I do.

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

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